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Good Taste GuaranteeWe promise The Daily Quipple will never contain profanity or offensive subject matter. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Children need to learn that reading is not just something they do in school—it is important in all parts of their lives. Help your child use a map to mark a route to a special place, such as his school, the football stadium, the mall or his grandmother's house. Next, give him a bus, subway or train schedule and have him find departure and arrival times and the rates. You can help your child use events in her own life to gain both a sense of time and to understand the order in which things happen.
Making and reading time lines helps children to learn about the flow of history and to develop an understanding of cause and effect. Display the finished time line and ask your child to tell other family members and friends what it shows. Talk with your child what part of a job can be done ahead of time, such as deciding at bedtime what to wear to school the next day. A homework chart can show your child exactly what he needs to do and when he needs to do it.
Depending on how many subjects your child has, he may be able to put three or four weeks on each piece of paper. After school each day, have your child put a check mark in each box in which there is a homework assignment. Tell your child to try to figure out how long it will take him to complete each homework assignment so that he will be able to schedule his time. Have your child choose a big homework assignment to talk about, such as a geography project.

Learning to see assignments or big jobs in small pieces can make them less overwhelming for a child. Jobs change dramatically over time and the job that your child is interested in now may not even exist in the future. Suggest that your child pick two adults he or she knows, such as neighbors or relatives, to talk with briefly about their jobs.
Watching television can be educational for your child or just something that she does to fill the time. Have your child use reference books such encyclopedias or appropriate online Web sites to find out more information about a story, a country or a person in the news.
Our mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.
This is not always an easy task as emotions play a big role, influencing behaviour and results. It is important for children to understand their responsibility for being on time—it's not just for grown-ups.
If they know their families care, children have a good reason to complete assignments and to turn them in on time. As your child's assignments get longer and more complicated, she needs to acquire more organizing and planning skills. You can help your child to have a realistic sense of that life and what he can do to prepare for it. Help him to understand that it is important to be well educated and open-minded so that he can be flexible.
If your child is misbehaving, I would not intervene during practice, but would discuss it with the coach and try to identify why your child is behaving like that. If so, can you check out books or will you have to allow time to stay there and use reference books?

To help her estimate how long each part of the assignment will take, tell her to work backward from the date the assignment is due.
Have him read aloud the requirements for a job and talk with him about the skills, education and training he would need to have to do the work.
Bad behaviour during practice can also be a result of a lack of interest, poor tennis coaching, or a child having a bad day at school or at home.
If a child was talented, they were selected with the best of their age group and had good regional coaches. They stop playing and then they become coaches or television announcers, they stay in tennis. It’s not that you hand over everything, but you have to try to find the right places or the right people and you have to trust them. For parents, it’s going to be hard to educate their kid and talk about anything other than tennis. Looking back, that was great as so many parents these days put so much pressure on their kids.
You need to give them discipline, so that they respect the time and money that has gone into tennis, so they recognise that they have been given an opportunity to be on court.
The parents should be there to make sure that there are the right people around their child.

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