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One of the best ways to avoid the negative aspects of peer pressure later on is to teach your child how to know their own mind as they are growing up. Start conversations using examples in the news or local events to discuss the dangers of following along with the crowd when the group is making poor choices. Children who know they have unconditional support from their parents are less likely to get caught up in the “group mentality” of peer pressure.
When your child comes to you with a concern or problem, avoid being judgmental, as that may make them defensive for the people involved, which will break down communication. A Native American Seattle-area family lifestyle blogger, LaVonne is the author and owner of Long Wait For Isabella. The biggest influence on a child’s achievement at school is often the support, interest and guidance of their parents. Dominic Wyse has a strong international reputation in the field of the teaching and learning of reading and writing. Have you ever found yourself going round and round in circles when trying to help your child with math? So to start off, I’d just like to say that I obviously…I really like maths, I love sciences, I like geography, history I like most of the subjects, but one of the subjects that I don’t feel completely confident in supporting my kids in is English or Language Arts. This is my advice based on my knowledge of maths and my experience as a home schooling mother who has to support her children’s English learning. My 2nd tip is to pick resources that suit you and your child, because you’ve got your different strengths and weaknesses, your child has different strengths and weaknesses and preferences, so if your child has been at school all day, where they are likely to have done lots of writing, and they come home, don’t let them do lots and lots of worksheets.
The last tip is to learn with your child, so for example if you need to help your child with addition of fractions with different denominators, then learn how to add fraction with different denominators with your child. In addition, you'll receive my blog posts, packed with tips and advice to help you guide your child to maths success, direct to your inbox! In addition, you'll receive my weekly blog posts, packed with tips and advice to help you guide your child to maths success, direct to your inbox!

Encourage your child to develop strong values and morals by discussing issues with them, in an age-appropriate way, before they are faced with dealing with the situations in their own lives. With nothing to do but hang around, they can easily be swayed by bad influences to join in dubious activities. Children don’t usually see the long-term impact a bad choice can make on their futures, but you can help guide their understanding of peer pressure issues by speaking openly, being non-judgmental and choosing a good time to bring up the topic. Blaming the child who is involved in the negative behavior may feel like an attack on all children that age—children feel solidarity with their peers.
It’s one of the things parents are always teaching their children, even when they aren’t aware of it.
A positive and supportive home life can benefit a child’s achievement at school by up to 80%. I kind of like reading sometimes, I don’t like fiction, most of what I read is nonfiction and the whole kind of grammar and constructing sentences is just not my kind of thing. 1 is to do lots of research, Maths Insider obviously, is a good place to start, I’ve got lots of articles about how to help your child with maths, but also look in other places, there are some good Facebook groups you can have a look at, or school support Facebook groups and also some home school groups. Maybe pick something that’s an app or a printable board game or just some oral questions. 1 is to research, look at Maths Insider, look on Facebook groups (the Maths Insider Community FB Group would be a great place to start!) and another good tip for researching, I forget to say this earlier on, is actually go to the book store, get a workbook and maybe have a look at the book for younger than your child’s grade level for your child’s grade level and have a look in the contents page because then you’d likely find a list of the topics.
Help your children find extracurricular activities that they enjoy, and then be there to cheer them on. Encourage them to come to you with concerns about situations at school, even if they aren’t directly involved. Talk through the situation, providing various outcomes and consequences for poor choices without judging or blaming the group.
But where can parents turn for practical, well-researched and honest advice on how they can support and nurture their child through their school years, whilst understanding and maximising their child’s abilities toward helping them achieve their full potential?

So try to tune any resources that you use, try to tune into what resources will work for you and your child. They start moving away from the family and start taking steps into their own world, a world centering on their friends.
Make sure that you are being a good role model, using your own values and morals to make smart choices for your life.
Written by educational specialist Dominic Wyse (How to Help you Child Read and Write), this new book will help parents navigate their way through their child’s education. He has appeared recently on BBC Newsnight, the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 and BBC News 24 to offer academic comment on government proposals for the teaching of reading and the National Literacy Strategy. Often you can get drawn into a political discussions about, is Common Core good or is this method bad, but it’s best to just research, just have a look at the different kinds of ideas. Keeping them busy in healthy activities provides them with positive peer groups and keeps them from hanging around and being vulnerable to poor choices suggested by others.
One of the best ways to discover how susceptible your child is to peer pressure is to converse with them on issues that are occurring in their environment. It will guide them on the best and most appropriate ways they can offer help and support their child throughout their school career.
If you are available for your child, they will know where to turn when there are questions and problems. With separate chapters for pre-school, primary, secondary and advanced level-aged children offering detailed advice on what to expect and concentrate on at each stage, it will be simple to navigate and easy to access.Practical and supportive, the book will set out all the basics with detailed help on creating routines, developing communication and engaging with children to encourage discussion about goals and aspirations. Checklists and troubleshooting exercises will help parents focus on the key issues and illustrate ways through sensitive circumstances such as bullying, special needs and exams.

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