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As stupid and silly as some of these are – my little dude is singing about pee and poop. You gotta do a poo in the loo, poo in the loo, you gotta do a wee through the seat, wee through the seat. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. One of the other dressing skills to try on at about 22 months is putting on those toddler shoes partway. But with her advancing fine-motor capabilities, growing curiosity about how to do stuff, and ever-insistent can-do (it myself!) attitude, that momentous milestone towards toddler independence is right around the corner.

Our main goal is for him to understand that the toilet is where your pee and poop go and it is NOT a toy or a place for him to play in the water. But unzipping is actually easier to master than zipping up, so start there (at around 22 months). From there, we will help him understand that pee is not poop and poop is not pee (he’s confused).
Practice on a jacket with a big plastic zipper (or tie a short piece of yarn to a smaller metal zipper) so it’s easy for her to see and maneuver. When it’s her turn, encourage her to scrunch up her toes to help ease her foot farther into the shoe.

At around 33 months, help her give zipping up a go by fitting the two sides in place at the bottom.

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