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With their imaginations gearing up for a magical childhood, 2 year olds are able to play simple pretend games and will benefit from adult guidance in their play. It's an exciting year as your two year old expands her vocabulary and starts to exercise her imagination.
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Although you'll hear her say "no" a lot this year, she will also begin asking "why," "what," and "how" questions. Pullman Railroad Train Car, Tiny House Conversion Complete with Kitchen, bath with shower, community Electric, Water, Sewer, garbage collection.
Mountain Views, Walking distance to the NMTech college, shopping and public transportation to ABQ or Santa Fe.

Entertainment for young and old, Walking distance to college, shopping and public transportation to Albuquerque and Santa Fe If you are the buyer for this Tiny House Listing the people at HGTV HOUSE HUNTERS would like to talk to you.

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