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I sincerely hope that this helps some of you out there find that extra little push you need.  Now go get after it! I’ve lost 75 (almost) lbs this year and it makes such a huge difference in my quality of life and my ambitions.
I myself have just lost 40 lbs in the last year and I really appreciate your time and energy for creating all your awesome recipes. I’m right there with you and just broke my plateau of weight loss this week after baby #4!

I have your cook books, I have your apps and I follow your blog and I love all your healthy recipes. I’ve also made some similar changes to my lifestyle, and it really has made such a difference.
I need variety with food so it is fun to try out your recipes and it makes me happy that you are making some of them so healthy! Although, I find it very hard for me to step away from the cardio, I find it quite therapeutic.

Your #1 priority should be on developing habits that contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle.
That’s the the basis of most successful weight loss strategies for a reason – it works!

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