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My wonderful little man turned 5 on Sunday and to celebrate I hosted a How to Train Your Dragon 2 Party for him.
I found a HTTYD party kit download that had printable invitations so we printed them off and filled in the details. I made a personalised viking shield banner saying Happy Birthday and simply printed it off, cut and glued. And we had a large stuffed Toothless that I placed on the food table, along with 2 cardboard shields.
I had pre-cut the shields from cardboard boxes and just wrapped grey electrical tape around the edges. I bought 2 packets of toy fishing rods (4 rods in total) and each box came with 6 plastic fish.
I attached a plastic bucket to the centre of my large dragon poster and the kids lined up and threw their fish in, ready for the dragons to eat. Using a cereal box, I wrapped it first with old Christmas paper with the white side facing out.
My son got an official HTTYD2 toy axe for his birthday which the kids used to smack the box. In the middle of the party we brought out warm food of cocktail frankfurts, sausage rolls and mini pies and the kids all sat down and had a sort of picnic.
I purchased some blue paper bags, printed out some pictures from the HTTYD2 movie and glued them to the front. The station comprises three self-catering railway carriages that don't look out of place in an area so enthusiastic about trains.But they have been refurbished and are now luxurious lodgings for locals and visitors.
The station was originally called Wilton Station, but changed name just after 1900 to Ebberston Station. Looking to set up a lodgings business in the area Carol told her husband: 'I want to buy this.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Vanessa Stallbaum and Marco Stepniak love trains so much they decided to integrate two old mail cars in the design of their new house.
The German couple met on a train, and their first vacation was a four-day train ride from Berlin to Kazakhstan, so when Marco told his girlfriend he wanted to build their house around two train cars, she immediately agreed.
Two new train cars like the two wanted to use for their new house, cost around a‚¬500,000 ($725,000), but they were lucky enough to find an online ad for two second-hand mail cars from Switzerland. After the two mail cars were cleaned and repainted in MA¶nchengladbach, they were transported to the construction site, in Ruhr.
Marco and Vanessa decided to retain as many of the train car facilities as possible, so they somehow found a way to integrate the old letter classification spaces and tool cabinets in their new kitchen. So we moved the furniture and I hung simple streamers and balloons from the ceiling in the HTTYD2 colours. I made a paper mache egg a few days earlier with the birthday boy, and he painted it with dragon egg spots.
It's very sad and rundown.'The problem, as my husband pointed out was, 'where are we going to put the people?, and then it came to me - in the carriages of course! 34-year-old Stepniak got the crazy idea 15 years ago, when he attended a youth club, close to his home town of Herten. Built between 1974 and 1975, the two railway antiques were in remarkably good condition, and they cost only a‚¬20,000 ($29,000). They hired an architect to make a house plan according to their drawings, got some friends and Marco’s father to help restore and convert the train cars into living space, and the building was under way.
The other car was transformed into a bathroom so not much of the original interior could be saved.
I decided to use our dining table for the crafts so just threw a green plastic table cover over it.

I cut smaller strips to fit over the top of their heads, and also used white cardboard to cut out horns. It would have been nice to have the party out in the back yard, but I'm still pleased with how it all went. The rest is history.'The station now welcomes people of all ages, with children arriving during school holidays and retired people throughout the year. If somebody pulls it I come round and collect A?50 - that's the threat anyway!'Carol and husband Mark, 55, who still has a day job as a surveyor for Network Rail, made the railway station itself their home.
It was set up in two old train cars and he remembers thinking someone could actually live in them.
Unfortunately, transporting them from Switzerland to Germany actually cost more than the cars themselves a‚¬26,000 ($37,600), but A Vanessa and Marco spared no expense in order to realize their dream. Converting the cars was much tougher then they expected, and finding an expert that could insulate them and add underfloor heating wasn’t easy, but they somehow got it done. Such has been the success of The Old Station, which opened 17 years ago, comparable ventures are being set up in the railway-mad region. While they had to take a 16-year credit to build their house, the young couple love the way it turned out and don’t regret their choice for a moment. I added a personalised HTTYD2 icing topper to the top of the cake, along with 5 candles and sparklers.

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