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Daisy is a five year old spayed female WONDER dog who loves to play ball and loves squeaky toys. Lilac came to the shelter with her sister Laney who looks nothing like her except for both having docked tails. Remington Steal, so named because it is a "steal" to find a dog like this in a rescue group. Wally is a beautiful three year old Collie who came in with a little blind border collie, Angel Ray. Barley is a neutered 18 month old purebred Pembroke Corgi who lost his home when his owner had a baby. She belonged to a family and lived with them her whole life until she was dropped off at a high volume shelter in WV when the family moved.
He is a two year old male wirehaired terrier who comes from champion bloodlines but he was relinquished because he had a flaw and then his new owner had to give him up for health reasons. They were fostered together in WV and he was her seeing eye pal until she got her own home with other dogs, so Wally is available as of this date.

They probably left her behind because they couldn't make any money from her given that she's a mix. She just underwent surgery for an inquinal hernia so we will be getting some sponsors to cover the vet bills while she recovers. Despite being bounced around Remington has a great spirit and a solid temperament, is good with other dogs, easy to handle, very playful, just a dream of a dog. She is a sweet dog who had a life on a chain prior to her rescue so she has low expectations. He would fit in well in any situation but we do not want him bounced around again, so somebody who can offer a stable environment (no life changes in the near future) and someone who is at home more than not would be our preference. We ran her through an agility course on Sunday at an event and she sailed over all the jumps with ease. We would love for someone to love and spoil her so she can live out the rest of her days like the princess she was meant to be.
She would be a great house dog for someone as she's house trained and just likes to lay around or sit outside on the back steps.

She is an amazing dog and would be a great only dog as she ignores other dogs so she is not a dog you would get as a friend for your dog, but she's fine with other dogs coexisting.
They were flea infested when they were picked up and a little shy at first but are now friendly and free of fleas although they still need some TLC for their coats.
She is good with other dogs but can be a little "bossy" with dogs who jump all over her so she would do best in a home without any other dominant dogs.
When he was in his foster home and it was time to let the dogs out, he would let the others go first and take up the rear.

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