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The beautiful artwork shows the Choo Choo train conductor and passengers in the windows, and a three-dimensional stack on top of the train keeps this Choo Choo train bouncer chugging along! The Pump House Steam Museum is home to a stunning collection of the best model railway trains. The primary goal of the Pump House Model Railway Society is to provide the museum visitors with an experience of model trains in action. The Pump House Model Railway Society volunteer’s goal is to maintain and operate new and refurbished model train equipment. Model Trains are a fantastic way to introduce your child to the principle’s of engineering. Following on from the wedding cake we are delighted when asked to design the christening cake - its such an honour to be part of the celebration. As the customers arrive to your establishment have your greeter staff welcome the guest with a warm and friendly smile. A really great idea, when the restaurant is full and you need to use the wait chart, go to the manager or chef and ask them for a samples of a specific food item to give to the guest as they wait for a open table.
As you can see from the 2nd photo, the welder is working on repairing the hinge plate that will hold up the large bay door on the left which has been lowered to the rails below for repair. What a better way to complete any train party than to rent an inflatable Train Bouncing House.
It also has easy an easy to climb front step for younger kids to get in and out of the train.

Leave it to Arizona Bounce Around to have all the unique Inflatable bounce houses including an inflatable Train moonwalk with beautiful artwork. Perfect for the McCormick-Stillman Railroad park in Scottsdale or any other Arizona Train Parks. Standard setup is considered an area within 80 feet of sufficient electrical, water supply. An elaborate multilevel O scale train can be set in motion by the push of a button, and the HO scale train set from the opening of the iconic CBC children’s show ‘The Friendly Giant’ is on display.
Visitors will see working model trains reflecting Canadian and European railroads in both steam and diesel eras. Most of the model trains and railways used are rare collector’s items which are carefully maintained by committed volunteers.
While our trains will fascinate grown-ups and children alike, other people may be inspired to get involved and volunteer with the upkeep of our trains. This also will be a great time to promote a certain dinner feature or the suggestive selling of your menu. When you buy any 6 or more forms, checklists, quick reference charts, or spreadsheets from our website you will receive an immediate 50% discount off your entire order!
Each of these has been stored on the layout for 15-20 years, displays nicely and is 100% original.
Our 3 & 1 Choo Choo Train Bounce house has a duel lane ladder climb inside and a duel lane really wide covered slide.

Delivery and removal within included delivery area with no restrictions for delivery, set up or pickup.
A hands on experience is provided through a small layout which visitors can operate under supervision.
Their dedicated efforts provide a high quality, fully operational model train attraction to the Pump House Steam Museum visitors. This hobby is great for the young and old alike, and can create an exciting bond within families, particularly between grandparents and grandchildren. Exhibits also include the train set from the popular children’s TV program – “The Friendly Giant” – which can be set in motion by visitors. In a world where tablets, laptops, cellphones occupy a lot of our time, model trains provide the opportunity to see a physical object in motion, where you can literally see the gears work. Leaving a five minute window will give you the extra time to seat the guest with-in the time quoted.

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