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The number one goal at Doberman Kennels is not just the dollar amount each dog brings in, but rather to see that each Doberman goes to a home where the owner actually genuinely cares about the Doberman they’ve purchased.
1) Better weather – the climate in Southern Nevada makes it the envy of the entire nation and as a result of being in a drier climate, there are no flies and ticks.
2) Large acreage and space – Dobermans they are a working dog breed and need space to be continually active. 2) Consistent record of doberman breeding excellence – our awards speak for themselves.

There’s never been a better time to contact Mike about getting a doberman, whether you need a protection dog or just a companion to feel safe at home.
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As such, it’s very important that dobermans experience the wide open land made available to them.
Although we had our struggles at times, I believe she forced me to become a better more creative trainer.

She is semi-retired from agility but loves to be my guinea pig when I want to try teaching new behaviors.
She is very smart (most the time too smart for her own good), strong-willed and independent.

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