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Zoe GerrardWhen it comes to our children, we consider a number of things before finalizing on one. Use unscented dish soap and warm water for the weekly cleanings and rinse the box well afterwards.
Besides a baking pan, a plastic container or a cut down cardboard box there are commercial litters also. It is dangerous to use clay clumping litter for young kittens as it could cause intestinal blockages if accidentally ingested.

Praise the cat and give it a treat or some supervised playtime if it has eliminated correctly in the litter box.
If the cat misses the box place the feces in the litter box and leave the room without paying further attention to the cat.
The cat should know where the litter box is so it can reach it easily; as a thumb rule it is best to provide at least one litter box for each cat and place it in multiple locations if the house is large. This behavior could also be due to certain changes in its routine, adding of another person or pet to the household or changing the location of the litter box to a new location where there are noise or light changes; these changes could stress your cat.

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