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The bunnies are described as, “sweet, active and healthy.” They are available alone or in pairs. Randy NolanSan Jose Pet Rescue ExaminerRandy Nolan studied creative writing at San Francisco State University. New York assemblyman introduces bill to ban dog discrimination in city housingState Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski (D-New City) has introduced a bill that would prevent landlords from banning certain breeds or sizes of dogs in their housing units, reports CbsLocal News. National Dog Bite Prevention Week: Know more about this The third week of May is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, dedicated to increasing our knowledge at being better at preventing dog bites.
Lots of news from the Bunny Camp this month, first of all, how’s this for a picture to make you go aaahhhhh…. A week ago we were handed a litter of 5 wild baby rabbits whose nest had been disturbed by a JCB digger.
Penny was a very special bunny who spent two years here at the sanctuary, the most of which with her sister Pippa.
Just a short e-mail to let you know that Penny is doing really really well in her new home. I needn't have worried, as when I let her out later that day, she made it quite clear that she was now in charge! With two more bank holidays coming up in May, and these two are the most popular for garden centre visitors I thought I would just list the various herbs that have medicinal properties that help our rabbits keep in tip top condition.
For the new readers I will go through the list in more detail over the coming editions on The Bunny Camp News.
And don’t forget, a couple of Achillea millefolium (posh yarrow) wouldn’t go amiss either. If, like me, you cannot resist trips out to your local garden centre or other such shops I have constructed a list of rabbit friendly flowers and a list of what not to buy. If you would like to deter your fluffs from demolishing your favourites, try growing them through tall stick plants such as Phlox, adding hurdles, or like me tempting them away by edging boarders with Geranium “endressii”. Marguerites, Marigolds, Michaelmas Daisies, Nasturtium, Rose, Stocks, Sunflowers and Wallflowers.
Do avoid: Acacia, Aconite, Antirrhinum, Arum Lily, Anemone, Columbine, Daffodil, Dahlia, Delphinium, Feverfew, Gypsophelia, Hellebores, Hyacinth, Iris, Larkspur, Lilly of the Valley, Linarias, Lobelia, Love in a Mist, Monkshood, Poppies, Snowdrop, Tulips and all bulbous plants. Venturing out this week I’ve noticed that suddenly spring has arrived, new leaf has appeared on the brambles, and the wild strawberry plants have grown and were well worth picking. Added to this I found that the wild vetch had new growth tips and low and behold the small plantains are pushing through. Now Dandy pointed out earlier in the month that many of you may not know what these plants look like! For those of you who have the time to walk around (and you can refrigerate the greenstuffs) I first became hooked on the idea of natural feeding whilst reading a booklet Rabbit Nutrition by the vet Virginia Richardson of Orchard Vet in Romsey Hants.

If you have been reading Bunny Camp News since the very beginning, then you will remember the story of Smudge. Barley is still learning about his new surroundings, there are lots of things that he does not yet know how to do.
There will be an opportunity to meet all of the buns, plus there will be stalls, and games and fun, and food, and most important of all, BUNNY TOYS AND TREATS… ARE YOU LISTENING 2-FOOTS?
That’s all from me for this month, as usual, I have saved the best bit of bunny camp news until the last, Flopsy Girl’s Problem Page comes right after bun of the month! Please help, every time our 2-foot dad goes on the internet, we have to listen to Robbie Williams in the background! My sister keeps stealing my piece of carrot at veggy time and going down the side of our hutch where I cant get her (I am bigger than she is). Dear Millie, training 2-foots is never easy, but I usually find that the best way to get them to give you more food, is if you start eating something you are not supposed to.
My name is Scoot and I live at Ebony-Eyes – I have been asking all my brothers and sisters what Kits are and where they come from – they all laugh at me and Mr Jingles rolls over on his back with his legs up in the air absolutely howling! Flopsy girl regrets that she is unable to share any of her personal carrots or parsley with anybun, but she is always willing to give advice whether or not it is asked for. Flopsy Girl will be happy to help 2-foots with their problems as well as rabbits, or any other animals.
They will probably grow to be medium sized and are looking for indoor homes only where they can be an integral part of their family, as they are very sweet and loving. He's a bit of a "Heinz 57" in that his appearance looks like part English, part lop and part Lion head! He was born in Sept 2003 and being young rabbit is lively and inquisitive, has bags of energy and is good at jumping!
She was obviously a little unsure at first, after the journey home (Sweep fell asleep in the carry case!) and was doing a little of that 'grunting' sound that she does.
He likes to be cuddled, and he likes to lick John’s nose, but he does not seem to know how to play.
I SAID BUNNY TOYS AND TREATS, THAT MEANS THAT WHEN YOU COME HOME, YOU BRING SOME FOR ME AND FLOPSY GIRL! You may not be aware, but wild rabbits never go to the bathroom in their burrows, and they are often forced to stay in there for long periods, so I would not worry if I were you. Most of the music that the 2-foots listen to is terrible, so I usually recommend biting through the speaker cable, that usually does the trick. How do I get my two-foot to give us more carrot so that my sister and I can have a piece of our own? They are waiting until they are old enough to be spayed and neutered, which will be covered by their adoption fee.

He's a sooty-fawn up-eared rabbit and has a beautiful coloured coat as you can see in the photo.
He was much loved by his pet 2-foots, but they were forced to move away to a place where they could not take him, so a new special home had to be found for him. Sonya received a phone call from some people who were looking for someone to take on their bun. Hopefully, in time he will realise that he is in a fantastic new home where he can do anything he wants to, until then, lets all keep our fingers (or paws) crossed for him.
Sorry about that, but my pet 2-foots are a bit thick, and you really need to spell things out for them.
Some come from sanctuaries, some come from the pet shop, and some just seem to appear all on their own when nobun is looking. He does not like being picked up much, but loves exploring and will come up to you and be stroked while he is running about. A couple of self confessed rabbit nutters – Jay & John Evans in Wales offered to take him to live with them at the Ebony Eyes rabbit retirement home, but how was he going to get there?
My other train of thought was that once she was used to the sounds and smells of the house, the cage could be left open all the time. Smudge’s 2-foots did not drive, and Jay & John could spend much time away from their house full of rabbits… The answer came when an appeal for help went out on the UK Pet Rabbits internet discussion group. Something told Sonya that she should agree to take this bun, so she agreed to see his 2-foots.
Paul & Chris Hutchinson volunteered to collect Smudge from his home and take him part of the way, and then Jackie McGuire agreed to meet them near Leeds, and take him on to Manchester so that Jay & John could collect him from there. Willow has been reserved-hopefully as a companion for Dot who sadly lost Chancy 2 weeks ago.
When they arrived, they let slip that they were not actually moving house, but they were going on holiday, and wanted to offload a pet they had become tired of. As they are of "wild” origin, they need experienced owners who will give them masses of exercise and attention, preferably to owners who will be at home most of the day. He had never had a companion of his own species before, and he sent all of his time with her. He was wet, dirty, and was suffering from urine scald, and yet it vas obvious that all he wanted was for someone to make a fuss of him. The following Sunday, Sonya met with the members of the Leeds & Bradford Hopper Group, and was telling them the story, Paul & Chris began to make a mental connection… That evening, Paul was talking to Jay on the phone, and was telling her about Barley, her first words were “I want him!” It took another two weeks before Simon the Bunny Camp Vet declared Barley well enough to travel, so it was not until Easter Sunday that Paul & Chris collected him from the Bunny Camp to start his journey down to Wales to be with lots of new friends with Jay and John at Ebony Eyes.

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