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In my first potty training post, I talked about how to decide when to potty train your child. Next, I’d like to talk about potty chair selection: Who knew this was such a big decision?
I’ll get more into our actual process of potty training in the next potty training post! What I like about your writing specifically is that each time the perspective changes, so does the style in which you write their thoughts, and their "thought styles" remain consistent when they become the narrator once again. Again, I don't really consider myself much of a writer, so I really appreciate your kind words.
I think it's kinda weird IF's graduate too, maybe they live vicariously through the kids they are attached to? William seems like an awesome big brother, checking in on his family and making sure his sister is with the right guy. Stephen was going to take the boys out to go to the Red Rendezvous when William and Wiggles got off work. The music was blaring, the girls were hitting the juice up, it reminded me of the couple of college parties we went to. Yeah the thing is when you have 6 young adults living under the same roof, even if everyone is friends' there are going to be issues.

I can see that from Nicole's perspective - although I love the occasional party, a celebration with a small group of friends is more my style. I hope she and Jessie aren't drifting apart - but of course this often happens when friends when they grow up. There are musical potties, talking potties, iPad potties (yes it’s a real thing, pictured above) and cheering potties. The appealing thing about these is that won’t have to deal with emptying and cleaning a little plastic potty chair, which I admit, is kind of nasty.
Very nice updates the family is growing up so nicely, can't wait to see some more Blue kids come along.
Usually people are always posting pics of perma-happy kids, it's nice to see that balanced out realistically with some stressful moments. When effectively done, that enhances characters' believability and a reader's ability to empathize with them. All the living room furniture had been moved out and a juice keg had been placed in the middle of the room and a stereo off to the side.
There are those friends that you love more than anything but living together can be kinda dangerous if you know what I mean!
If you are waiting until your child is 3 years old or so for potty training, I can see how a more flashy potty could be an asset, especially if your child seems uninterested in cooperating.

The only people home were Jessie (whose been kinda sick lately), Lucky who's apparently a self-employed painter and Stephen who was off of work that day. She always tells me (like my brother) that I need to put down my books every now and then and just let loose and have a good time. I hope I don't come across as some kind of flatterer; I was simply impressed to see that element in your text. Print it using your inkjet or laser printer and have fun searching the 24 words with you guests at the Baby Shower. Find Baby Shower related words like (Diapers, Boy, Stroller, Gifts, Bottle, Delivery, Stork, Pregnancy, Girl) and many more. Click the link below to download or print the Baby Shower Word Search Puzzle Game now in PDF format.

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