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Putting together this awesome and unique baby shower gift only takes about 30 minutes and $15.00. You can add rattles, toys, full size baby products, etc to yours, but I like very simple diaper cakes. I cut the ribbon to the length I needed, and wrapped each row with a thick piece of satin, followed by a very thin piece of satin.
This diaper cake takes less than an hour to make, and less than $15 in supplies (even cheaper if you have more on hand!), and will be the hit of ANY baby shower!
Mostly, we'll talk about making money, getting fit, and eating delicious desserts to balance it all out!
Mariah - This is one I could actually afford to make and one that looks easy enough for my craft-challenged self to pull together too!
Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] - I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of the diaper cake thing. Description:This Diaper Cake Grande is loaded (no pun intended) with premium disposal diapers and a bonus for mommy. Description:The Diaper Cake Delight is made with premium disposal diapers and a bonusfor mommy. Description:The Diaper Cake Delight is made with premium disposal diapers and a bonus for mommy.
Description:Designed by Bloomers Diaper Cakes, this Classic style beautiful and practical creation is set on a silver scalloped cake platter, decorated with silk flowers, and topped with a keepsake porcelain baby block. Description:Designed by Bloomers Diaper Cakes, this Hawaiian style beautiful and practical creation is set on a silver scalloped cake platter, decorated with silk flowers, and topped with a keepsake porcelain baby block. Keep your memories fresh while you look ahead to the future with these lovely placecard photo frames for your baby shower!
A birth announcement that combines two thirds pink serenity with one third fuchsia floral for harmony is an auspicious choice. This was my first diaper cake ever and I got the idea from looking at diaper cake instructions on the web.
I bought a cake platter from AC Moores, a bottle of baby body wash and a bottle for the center poles (which I filled with pastel dinner mints), diapers and ribbons.
One of my best friends was expecting twins, a boy and a girl so we were looking for a shower theme that was both unique and would work for both boys and girls. We drew faces on the balloons with permanent markers and decorated with artificial sweet peas.
I got my diaper cake instructions for this cake partially from this site and partially from a site where you could order diaper cakes online (very expensive)! I tied a coordinating bow to most of these items and then secured them to the cake with a straight pin with a white head.
I placed the first layer around the baby bath and then used large elastic to hold them all around the bottle. Start rolling your size three diapers held together with rubber bands and grouping into fours. Here are my diaper cake instructions: I began with 116 size one diapers which I rolled individually and used clear rubber bands to secure them. Since I used a larger size diaper and 3-6 months clothing she can wait a little while before she takes it apart for usage.
I started by building the bottom layer of diapers around a diaper wipes case (the large square ones).
I took the wipes case out and placed the Winnie the Pooh into the hole where the wipes case was. Make celebrating this special occasion even more fun with this cute “Baby Boy Elephant” diaper cake! Intro: How To Make A Boutique Style Diaper CakeDiaper cakes make beautiful baby shower gifts or centerpieces.

Step 1: Place Diapers In Sturdy Cake PanUse a sturdy cake pan in the size you want and place a handful of diapers inside.
Step 2: Fan The DiapersFan the diapers against the side of the cake pan holding them securely with your hand.
Step 4: Add Rubberband To Secuare TierSlide a larger rubberband carefully around the entire tier.
Step 6: Flip Pan OverFlip the entire cake pan over and lift the pan off so you are left with a tier of diapers. Step 8: Tie A Ribbon Around Each TierTie ribbon around each tier and remove the rubberband by cutting it off after the ribbon is securely tied. One other piece of useless information; we call a diaper a nappy where I come from,disposable nappies are what we call the ones you use in your cake.
Wonderful illustrations.God bless you, really I had days looking for instructions, and you even include pics.
To accompany the diaper cake, I am giving the mom-to-be a diaper bag full of full-size products that will help her during the first months of mommyhood, along with some extra diapers – because we know how fast those go! I believe I used 15-17 for each row on the bottom layer, but you can make yours smaller or larger. But, that being said, I do really like the simple look to yours, especially the dark blue ribbon. The cake arrives wrapped in white tulle, tied with a satin bow, and secured with an old-fashioned diaper pin. They're a necessity, but they can still be pretty, our diaper cakes give the gift of style and convenience at the same time!
I decorated the front with pink and cream flowers and curling ribbon topped it with a cute stuffed toy and decorated the rest of the cake with rattles, bibs, caps, pacifiers, socks, shoes and little girl hair accessories. I didn't use glue or adhesives of any kind on this cake except for on the ribbon so as not to ruin any of the diapers.
In the middle of the cake I placed a bottle of baby bath and then surrounded it with diapers that were rolled. I made two layers for the inside of the bottom layer and then for the outside third layer I used small elastics to hold the diapers in place while tying ribbon and then took the elastics off.
Here are my diaper cake instructions: 84- size one disposable diapers, 72- size two disposable diapers, 54- size three disposable diapers, five- nubu bottles, three- travel size scented Huggies wipes, two sets of bath toys, two sets of rubber baby blocks, three spools of assorted color ribbon at 18 ft each, one 500 pack of rubber bands, one cardboard box flattened and covered in duct tape, 1- box depending on amount of goodies you want to add. Start rolling the size one diapers held together by the rubber bands and group them in to fours. As you start seeing your masterpiece just about done, there are just a few more finishing touches to add.
Here are my diaper cake instructions: I started out with a shampoo and other bath necessities, wrapped the diapers around that and continued up. On a large round plastic tray I taped a cardboard holder from a roll of paper towels in the center. These are instructions on how to make the beautiful spiral shaped diaper cakes for baby showers.
But this method looks easier so I will try it for my next one, and in the hole that is left in the middle, I would put something that goes through all three layers to hold them together, for instance a baby car sun-shade.
Email completed photos to slapdashmomATgmailDOTcom and I will publish them at the bottom of this post with a link back to your blog (or with your name if you are not a blogger)!
If you’re going to stack more than 15 or so, I suggest using rubberbands to secure smaller stacks, and then wrapping the ribbon around the entire row.
They are awesome, you’d think it would require manuals and graphs and charts to put together!! Custom designed by Bloomers Diaper Cakes, each comes on a silver scalloped platter and decorated with silk flowers and keepsake porcelain baby block. I got the idea for a peapod diaper cake online but wasn't going to spend the outrageous amount for something we could make ourselves.

Inside the bottom two layers is a large container of baby powder and there is a 4oz plastic baby bottle inside the top layer. I placed small elastics around the diapers after they were rolled so they would not unroll. For the third layer I placed one diaper in the middle and then enough diapers to go all the way around. I even made little corsages with two socks; a plain pink one and the inside sock had all that ribbon fluffy stuff girls wear. For the bottom tier I began placing the diapers around the cardboard until it was almost the same size of the tray. I used 100-Swaddlers #2, three bibs, four onesies, two pants, three blankets, four pair of socks, four spoons and a stuffed bear. Each tier has two alternating layers of ribbon with twine beneath to hold the diapers together. In the center of the diapers the item that is holding the tiers together is a bottle of baby shampoo. With the left over diapers I tied them into separate bunches and piled them into the Winnie the Pooh to support his head and back. Also, I would decorate the outside with cute little baby goods.guys, any idea how i can make a cake out of sanitary pads, I want to make a mommy to be a cake like this made of maternity pads, regular pads and disposable underwear and put all the stuff a newly mom would need when she goes to the hospital to give birth like Personal Hygiene items a such as Lip Balm, Socks for mom, nursing pads, tooth brush, tooth paste,deodorant, a brush and comb, and a hair band or barrettes, . So we just made up our own way of doing it and it turned out cuter than the store bought one!
Each circle of diapers in the layer is secured by wrapping it with yarn several times and cinching it snug.
I don't have to transport it but if I did would probably use a little hot glue to secure the flowers to the ribbon only so as not to ruin the diapers.
I used a large ribbon to tie around the bottom and top to hold all the layers together vertically and to keep the stuffed duck in place. To top it all off I placed a cute pink plush bear from Carter's and pink curling ribbon at the top and outlined the bottom with pink prisms. I think it looks much nicer and I would imagine the rolled diapers are a pain for the mother receiving the gift. Group then in four, sets of four size two, then three sets of four, size three, then two sets of four size two and then the top will be one set of size three. I repeated this process making each tier slightly smaller than the last until I ran out of diapers.
I also used hot pink sticky letters to spell out the baby's name - (Skylar) on the top tier. The blue cake has more items in it as I was giving that as a gift - the cake with the giraffe was just a center piece for a baby shower I gave. Before we got it too tight we tied two green balloons together and then taped them to the bottom on the cardboard. I also bought some pacifiers, bottle brush and some small items to put around the outside of the cake. So I searched high and low for these instructions and so far you are the only one who has shown others how to do this for free.
Thanks again!Here's my question, how do you keep all the tiers together, using this method?
Secure each layer with the ribbon bow, or make it flat by hot gluing the ends of the ribbon.

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