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For a hard surface area like a tile floor, first put down a layer of pet pee pads that is just slightly larger than your piece of sod. Next, on top of the pee pad, layer a garbage bag that is at least as big as the piece of sod, but not bigger than your potty pad. Receive useful adoption info and helpful tips and tricks for training your new adopted pet. The garbage bag helps prevent the potty pads from wicking all the moisture out of the sod’s dirt. There are many great reasons you might need an indoor live-grass potty to help keep you and your pet healthy and happy! From where I get my sod, the one you see in the photo above, that’s half of one piece.
If you have a more prolific pee-er, you might want to extend the potty pads farther out using more than one pad. There are pre-made fake grass indoor pet potties you can purchase, but some pets won’t use them or pet pee pads either. In some climates, local stores may not have sod available year-round, so you may need to mail-order from online.
How often you’ll need to replace the sod will depend on how often your pet uses her new indoor grass pet potty. There is no water available to your house because water mains have been broken,A the city water supply has been tainted and shut down, or one of the various other reasons that cause city-wide services to be shut down.
If you’ve got plenty of water stored up, you can use some of the non-potable water to pour it quickly into the bowlA to help create a vacuum to flush your toilet. TheA realA problem comes when the sewer lines become full and your poo isn’t going anywhere.

Susie REALLY needs to go, but without a working sewer system, that potty water has no where to go.
What on earth do you do now?The problem you are faced with now is how to be able to go to the bathroom and not get your family sick and still not feel like your house smells like a sewer. Another great option is inside one of the plastic coffee cans that can serve as a protective home for it.
You can then bury it in a safe location, well away from a water sourceSetting up an Indoor Emergency ToiletThere’s an indoor option to this. You can turn off your water supply running into your toilet, empty out the water with one more flush, scoopy out any remaining water and drain it dry, and use a similar set up as the emergency toilet above. It will give everyone a little comfort of something familiar, even if the procedure is somewhat unfamiliar. You’ll want to be sure to plug up the hole to make sure no sewer gas smells seep out over time (just as if you were replacing the toilet and had to plug up the sewer hole).
Our house is also not set up with a great ventilation system of cross breezes, etc., so the inside of the house can stay hot for a long time.
Having a bucket of poo sitting in the house all the time isn’t the best option for us. If worse comes to worse, we also have a great nook on the outside of the house where we can set up a similar station if needed, including a bolt in the fence to stick the toilet paper on when we’re out there. The liquid waste can be used in the yard or garden safely (as long as you don’t have someone who is carrying a major disease).
You don’t necessarily want to be using the same emergency toiletA as someone who has a gastrointestinal issue. You need to cordone off an area as a sick room and make sure cleaning procedures are followed closely, including NOT disposing of the waste anywhere near your water source or where you are growing food.You may want to find a way to stabilize your emergencyA toilet.

But, it wouldn’t take long for that comfie to wear off as the noddle will eventually split from use, from weather, etc. With all of the holes in the make up of the foam, you could never be certain you’ve completely sterilized OR sanitized it when cleaning. There is no lid so the waste is open all the time.Ready Made Emergency ToiletsCampers everywhere have already come up with some awesome ideas for ready-made toilets that will be easy to store and use.
But you can also think of things like bedside toiletsA that you would use for folks in a hospital that are on metal frames.
They may not store as easy, and might need to be maintained a little differently by pouring the contents into a bucket set up each time, but would be easier for folks who need a little extra help up and down. If, in the event of a major issue, you’ll want to look at some more permanent solutions like an outhouse. But for now, be ready for the most likely scenario!And something else to think about…. Thanks for joining the Prepared Bloggers as we work our way through 30 Days of Preparedness.
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