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The third version in the series, Potty Racers 3 comes packed with amazing graphics, vivid colors, and challenging goals to achieve.  This version features many new challenges, several new tricks, and a whole lot more to offer in the Coin Shop.
On map two, you are required to perform four loop stunts, as well as four inverted flight stunts, in addition to the other requirements. Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner. In Potty Racers your objective is to upgrade you toilet into the ultimate flying machine and to do crazy stunts! Shopping Cart Hero 4 is based on the same concept as the previous versions – but with a new twist! Many of the upgrades available on the previous versions of Shopping Cart Hero are available here; however, there are a few new upgrade features available now. Additionally, you can now have up to five Groupies hanging out with you in your cart – but be careful not to crash.
As with the previous versions, you still earn loads of in-game cash at the end of each jump attempt that you can then use to purchase upgrades and better stunts. In order to unlock and upgrade these items, you must have enough money and experience or level to obtain and use them.

For each map, you will have to construct and upgrade your plane to create a new, better airplane. In fact, there are a total of 8 maps for you to fly your homemade port-a-potty-plane through! For instance, on map one, you need to play multiple times to be able to purchase the Loop stunt.
For instance, the Loop stunt, when performed once, will grant you $100, while the Inverted Flight stunt will give you $120. If you like all of the Shopping Cart Hero games, as well as Skateboarding Stunt games, you are going to love this!
Your goal – push your shopping cart down the mega half-pipe ramp to gain speed; jump in, then go flying through the air performing tricks and land safely on the ground. Each map has a different goal requirement you must complete in order to move on to the next map mission. Once you have purchased it, you are required to perform a minimum of four loops, as well as other requirements, in order to pass this map and move on to the next one. All the car games on our site are free to play, with no spyware and annoyances to access these great free online games.

When you have successfully completed this map, you move on to map two, and construct the WWI Grumman Corsair plane, and so on. For instance, on the first map, your mission is to achieve a distance of 2,000, a height of 1,500, complete the Wright’s Brothers Plane, Land safely, and perform 4 loop stunts.
The winner gets a number of exciting prizes, including a brand new racing porto-potty and the glorious first place trophy constructed from solid stool. Then climb behind the wheel and put the pedal to the poo in this fun online racing game for boys.
Collect gas to keep moving, and don't forget to load up on NOS to boost your way to victory.
Choose your favorite vehicle and race your way across the finish line to win first place and move on to the next level.

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