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Something I didn’t even think about with our first child was that peeing, pooping, and the whole nighttime thing are actually different stages to potty training.
I think most potty training parents get stressed out by the process, which is 100 percent understandable. Potty training is one of my least favorite stages, but as my husband keeps reminding me … if we can just get through this, NO MORE DIAPERS! Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Henry always looks at me and smiles when I hand him his favorite drink after he has requested it, non-stop, in a machine-gun barrage of verbal requests.
I drink the OJ in one long gulp, not giving a damn about anything in the world except drinking some OJ. Henry doesn’t do that as a rule, but it does happen a few times a week and I want the whole Henry Experience.
From there I put the side of my hand, the part where pen ink ends up when you’re writing something, and I touch it to the syrupy plate a few times, get it nice and gooey.
I brought out the crayons and the typing paper, same as my son does most mornings around this time.
There was only one possible move for me to make, only one choice out of all the choices I could make in this world that could possibly mimic what Henry’s mind would guide him to do at this very instant. There was a great internal battle being waged and no matter how badly I wanted to keep drawing flamingos I knew that I was under the spell of a greater force.
I thought about Henry’s many epic breakdowns, how he hurls his body to the ground and cries for seemingly no reason.

I have put off potty training our fourth child Zeke because, well, he is our baby and I was determined to not have to go through what I went through with child no.
Okay, before you wave your hands in the air to tell me your kid could poop on the potty the first week, see lesson no. I throw a stuffed Spider-man with such zest that he bounces off the wall and hits the pirate ship on top of the bookcase and knocks that down.
I know it because my plan was to at least scrape the surface of Henry’s consciousness and view his world with passing glimpses.
I was contemplating what color a damn flamingo’s beak really is when my body began to feel tired.
I wanted to hold him right then and give him a kiss on his syrupy head and tell him that I just had a small breakthrough. Our bodies and minds and experiences are so vastly at odds with each other that at times it almost seems tragically insane that I am in charge of young children.
We had put him in Pull-Ups® for our sanity, and he decided he enjoyed peeing in those rather than the potty.
I knew I could never BE Henry, or get anywhere near being Henry, but what happened next brought me closer to that particular flame than I had even anticipated. I understood where I was: I was at the gates of Meltdown City and there was no turning back. It occurred to me at that moment that Henry knew so many things, so many feelings that I simply didn’t know anymore. And if I had been 130 lbs lighter and 40 years younger, I’m damn sure I would have been crashing a lot more.

We are still in the process of this, and in all honesty, we have been bad parents and didn’t do our part in the process. For road trips or long periods where you are unable to take your child to the restroom, put a Pull-Ups® over his underwear. Is he taking stock to make sure that no one broke in last night and stole one of the 3,247 milk-stained critters? Henry loves to draw birds and his favorite bird is a flamingo, so I started on my own version.
My two-hour rush of pancakes and OJ and cartoons and running and over-extended energy was coming back to bite me. This kid is EAGER to learn, but we have had two road trips — one nearly 3,000 miles — so potty training has not been a priority. Try to make it work for you, though, since you are the one who will be having to do a lot of the work, the parenting, cheerleading, and cleaning (ugh). We convinced him that a marshmallow (yes, a single marshmallow) is candy — and he will pee for it! No idea where this potty training drive came from — none of our other kids did anything of the such.

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