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Hi, I have an infant and the first we will be traveling with her she will still be in diapers and need the swim diapers to get in the pool. There are only a few ships that have water play or shallow pools that meet the CDC requirements to allow swim diapers.
If having a water area for your infant is a make-or-break issue, then you're going to have to look at only those very few ships with facilities. The bottom line, so to speak, is that kiddie pools onboard almost never allow swim diapers, so you may very well have to deprive her of onboard pool time.

Actually beachchick, it's not even the Micky Ears anymore, Disney changed those and built a separate baby water play area with a giant Mickey hat (from Fantasia).
We are trying to help get acurate information to help parent's with diapered children because there has been conflicting information. The cruise lines are attracting more and more families but not making it clear that babies cannot use the "children's pools" upfront! However, this is not the information we were looking for and has been posted on this board numerous times.

If they aren't really up front about it, then the parents will book {and pay} for a baby to be onboard.

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