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Two stickers for #2 , right after he went my husband created a sticker time dance ?? and he loved it. February 24, 2015 By Becky (Your Modern Family) 5 Comments This post contains affiliate links for products that we love. I heard it time and time again… potty training boys is harder than potty training girls, but I am here to break that myth. I wrote a book called Potty Train in a Weekend and while it did work on our boys AND our little girl, it was much easier with our boys. Do you know how toddlers do that thing where they make their body as stiff as a board when you go to put them in their carseat or on the potty and they don’t want to go?
Overall- all four kids had their struggles and had their successes, but the boys were far easier to train than our daughter.

I agree with you, the thing that makes it the hardest is the fact that you have to watch for the puddle of pee constantly. In the 1950’s (before the invention of the disposable diaper) most kids were potty trained by 18 months.
The boys were upset when they would have an accident, but girls just cry their little hearts out any time that they have an accident (well, our daughter did anyway!)  If she ever doesn’t make it to the potty in time, she just cries and cries. Our daughter wanted to watch Frozen every time that she had to go to the potty- which meant that she actually wanted me to bring her potty out into the living room, in front of the TV, so that she could go. This one is specific to our daughter, but she liked to wear her bicycle helmet when she was on the potty. We did wait until our boys were three to potty train and it was a breeze, but I’d always heard girls potty trained earlier than boys.

We started when my son was just over a year old, he’s almost 15 months now, and he already tells me (uses a sign we taught him and says pot pot) when he needs to go to the bathroom (consistent with #2, still working on #1) and then happily goes on his little potty. The princess potty (Disney, which also seconds as a stool and has music) and the Disney potty insert. If you do make it to the potty in a timely fashion, don't worry about positioning.If you have a little boy under the age of 3, chances are he's too short to stand and urinate.

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