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Although it is possible to potty train Chihuahuas at any age, starting while they are puppies is by far the best method. When the puppy first comes home, it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and lose sight of the rules and practices originally established. In order to potty train Chihuahuas, they must be taken out frequently and the more frequently they are taken out the better. Even if there seems to be little progress made after a while, the owner should not give up hope. As the dogs begin to learn that it is unacceptable to relieve themselves inside and begin to give signs when they want to go outside, it is important to maintain continue with the plan. Potty training is one of the most important lessons you need to establish during your dogA?s early weeks.
Be considerate in finding a warm potty area for the Chihuahua during freezing-cold months as Chihuahuas shiver easily during the winter.
Be committed to giving some time and effort to observing and correcting the puppy during its early training. Potty training may not be very easy, but thinking about its wonderful outcome will empower you to achieve good results. Despite certain characteristics that make the process difficult, such as their small bladders and stubbornness, it is entirely possible with the correct methods.
Animals trained from an early age will be the easiest to teach and the most consistent later on.
Chihuahua puppies have a bladder time limit approximately equal in hours to the number of months they’ve been alive, so, for example, a two month old must be taken out at least every two hours.

Do not only rely on a dog’s indicators, as these are sometimes not reliable and any accident will only confuse the dog and increase the likelihood of further mistakes. There is a small difference between training big dogs and training little ones like Chihuahuas. Make sure it wears a protective sweater and is equipped with a cozy mat during the cold season.
Begin the journey today by following the given steps on how to potty train a Chihuahua: Who knows?
They form associations and they understand our commands up to a point, but they cannot be reasoned with. Engaging in a general obedience program at this age will also make for a more well behaved dog in all ways, as it is important to establish the social positions of master and dog as early as possible. The at least portion of that is very important, more time spent outside is always better as it will minimize accidents and increase the rate with witch the puppy catches on.
They are not particularly adept to the process, but no dog will resist indefinitely without progress.
You may bond with it while waiting for the next 20 minutes in order to be consistent in keeping to the schedule.
Establishing its potty time every 20 minutes must be initiated by you until its body responds positively to the routine. Be firm and consistent, but never physically punish your dog if it accidentally makes a mess around the house. The only way to achieve a desired behavior is by consistently associating positive actions with rewards and negative actions with punishments.

This will minimize confusion on the dog’s part and help to solidify good training habits in the family. Keep giving firm reprimands immediately after accidents, but don’t make them excessively harsh and don’t bother with them if you notice more than seconds after the event has taken place, as this will only confuse the dog. You may place the potty container on the floor of a room that that can be cleaned easily, for instance the kitchen or laundry room - but near its crate.
If you can?t do the task, ask somebody else or hire a person who can manage the training for you.
The former, positive reinforcement, is a much more effective learning tool, so that should be the main focus, but the latter has its place as well. They may never be completely perfect but every animal can reach an acceptable level of consistence.
The young pet should be restricted from roaming around the house if it is not yet trained to go potty.
Say ?No, not good,? with a firm voice while closing the barricade or pointing to the mess it created.

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