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This may seem hard to do, but you still need to look at potty training as a fun and exciting learning experience for your daughter and you too.
Since you are potty training under pressure, the best method to use in this situation if the potty training in one day method.
You can keep this in a journal, so you know the best times to be taking her to the bathroom, as well as taking her in between too. By doing this she will start to recognize the feelings in her body that are telling her that she needs to go. You will still want to make sure to have a potty chair for her to use, a potty step stool so she can reach the sink after she has gone and potty rewards work very well to keep kids motivated and wanting to go. Need more potty training tips and advice on potty training problems or just general advice, check out all of our Potty Training Articles! For example, the first step is wobbly and unsteady but with practice and support the child's steps become firm.
It happens even with children needing to start daycare too, since many daycare's charge more when a child is not potty trained yet or will not take a child at all if she is not potty trained.

She is growing up and you get to teach her how to be a big girl and use the big girl toilet too. However, it is very effective and does work, especially in a situation when you need to have your daughter potty trained quickly.
You may want to take her right before she usually goes to help make sure that she goes on the potty those times. She will pick up the habit of using the bathroom very quickly using this method, since she will be in the bathroom throughout the day and she will sooner or later go on the potty one of those trips to the bathroom. These can be stickers, trinkets, small toys or anything else that she likes and responds too. The calmer you are, the better the potty training will go and the faster she will learn to be potty trained as well. You will watch when she goes potty, how often and when she goes pee, poop and does both as well. Using these also will go a long way in getting her to want to use the potty and being potty trained in time for school.

Though there is pressure on you, you do need to stay calm to ensure that your daughter does become potty trained.
However, in time they will become just like those fast steps.Another aspect is putting it all together.
For example, the alphabet and the syllables and then, one day the toddlers understand and answers. Then, not long after, in an endeavor to keep an intention from the child, parents spell the word. Even that soon changes, after the child learns the ABC's and is able to read.When, parents and caregivers understand the value of patience and persistence.

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