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During Thanksgiving I went to visit my sister and she has a 2.5 yr old little girl who is very sensitive. If you have a sensitive toddler and it is time to potty train, you can still have her potty trained and have an enjoyable experience too. However, it does not mean that potty training has to be hard or difficult or upsetting either. Make sure to talk with her about potty training, before actually beginning the potty training process. Allow her to be involved in the process of choosing her potty chair and potty step stool, as well as her potty training pants, potty stickers and calendar also.
Use potty training decals in the bathroom and on the toilet so that it is fun to be in there and so she can see that it is her special place to use the bathroom.
November 8, 2013 By Becky (Your Modern Family) 8 Comments Today we are talking about Potty Training Boys…  This post today is a snippet taken from my ebook, Potty Train in a weekend. I trained three little boys and a little girl.   Our boys were all under the age of two when they were trained and I really enjoyed having them trained early. I love those teeny tiny underwear and I love those great big proud smiles when they wear them! I have heard people say that boys are hard to train, but that just wasn’t the case for us. Second, I did not know when they had to pee or poop, so if they were sitting, they could both. To tell if they are ready to pee standing, line the floor around the toilet with newspaper and have them pee normally. 3- When we are out in a restaurant, they have to either sit (on a toilet-paper lined seat) or they can stand on my feet (to get some added height).  I don’t want any part of them touching those filthy toilets! Now I am going to ddo my breakfast, aftyerward having my breakfast coming over again too read other news. My niece refused to poo in the toilet because it was scary… Because it splashed her bum!
You should also keep the twins in underwear rather than pull-ups for the potty training period. If one twin is training more quickly than the other is, avoid using shame or comparisons to try and get the other one on board.

If you see that the twins are doing well with potty training, you must make sure to be consistent with it during the day. Sensitive children do sometimes take a little more time and understanding, since their emotions are a little stronger than other children. There are ways to have her potty trained so that she is happy when doing it and having a good time as well.
The more you let her know what is going on and what is happening, the less chance there will be of her becoming upset or confused when you do begin potty training.
Many times children need only a couple of weeks to learn about potty training, however give your daughter extra time to become comfortable with it and do not push the potty training too much. Anything that is being purchased for her and potty training, make sure she is a part of this process to help get her excited, as well as make her comfortable with what will be happening. If she does start to become upset about using the bathroom talk about why she is and maybe not force her to go right than. Tweet E-mail 3 Raising twins gives parents twice the dose of everything, including potty training. Remember that just because they are twins doesn’t mean that they will do everything at the same time. Should you go out shopping or to a playgroup – allow the twins to go in underwear rather than diapers.
Watch potty training videos together, so she can see what will be happening and how other children are using the bathroom. Instead, ask leading questions to get in interested in potty training and watch what her reactions are so that you know that she is comfortable and understanding what will be happening. Most likely she will want to be involved in these decisions and this will make her feel better about what is happening, since she is getting to choose the items. Have her comfort items in the bathroom for her, so she feels secure whenever she needs to go. He is mostly potty trained with the exception of overnights…I am open to suggestions. You may have thought keeping up with one child learning to use the potty was hard enough, and now you are tackling two at a time.
Talking about big kid underwear and discussing the potty ahead of time will help them make the mental adjustment.

Because, naturally, both of the kids will likely want to use the potty at the exact same time. Chances are you will be spending a lot of time in the bathroom, which makes it a good time to sit down on the floor and read with the twins as they use the potty. If you have boy girl twins, you might find that one is easier to train at a time, especially because they use the potty differently. You may feel anxious about this at first; however, as long as you talk about using the bathroom often – the kids will likely do just fine. Listen to potty training CDs to learn the songs, so she feels secure when using the bathroom and can remember these as well, plus read through the books too so she understands as well what will be happening and can look at the pictures and take it all in.
Well, the good news is although most people will tell you that your child should be potty trained by the age of 2, statistics say otherwise. This also makes it fun so your kids won’t feel like they have to give up playtime just to use the bathroom. Tackling twins and the potty doesn’t have to be harder…in fact, it can often work to your advantage. When you are potty training, you should ask your child every 30 minutes if they need to use the potty. However, if they don’t, try not to push the one content with diapers too hard, which can set up ill feelings and some rivalry. Chances are, when they see their brother or sister using the potty and getting praised, they too will make up their mind to try it as well.
If one of the twin’s uses the potty and the other does not, don’t make a big deal of it – but don’t give both the potty reward. If you can be home with your twins for a week, managing to get them in the potty once or twice an hour – you will be surprised how quickly they train. As they seem to be adjusting, tell them after a few days that you want them to tell YOU when they need to use the bathroom. Sure, you are going to have a few accidents along the way – but you should try hard not to make a big fuss over them.

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