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Vinegar and some good smelling oil help to get the stain and smell out of the carpet in case of accidents. After they are at least 4 weeks of age, kittens can begin to be house trained by their owners. If you have recently bought or adopted a kitten and wish to begin house training it, the following instructions, right from choosing the right litter box to training your cat to go outside, will help you for sure. A few weeks ago I went to the grocery store and came out about $60 bucks lighter in the wallet, and all I had to show for it was cat food, dog food, cat litter and an impulse buy of a bag of Dentastiks. We were lucky that the boxes were in an unfinished basement, and his potty out of the box didn’t pose a huge problem because it was an icky basement to begin with. When we moved to Florida, we don’t have a basement, and the litter boxes are out on a screened in porch. In our situation, luckily we didn’t have enough of a problem to warrant more drastic measures, but sadly, I know that many wonderful cats end up in shelters or otherwise “gotten rid of” because they pee or poo on the floor, furniture or other area not acceptable to humans. While you are researching and taking steps to remedy the “out of the box” behavior, you want to make sure to thoroughly clean the areas where kitty has urinated. There are a lot of reasons cats won’t use the litter and there are a number of steps that can be taken to try and remedy the problem so the cat can stay in its happy home.
Sometimes the problem might be a medical issue that needs attention, so the first thing to do if a cat who has always used the litter suddenly stops using it is to contact your veterinarian so a medical problem can be discovered and dealt with or ruled out. Ideally, a cat will never have any problems using its litter box, but if problems do arise, it is encouraging to realize there are solutions to the problem, and with a little research, a lot of love and consistent, persistent correction methods, kitty will soon be back to the desired “in the box” behavior! A month or so ago I posted a question on my Facebook page in reference to my dog Taiga who was starting to have trouble walking due to degenerative myelopathy.
Many of the responses, along with heartfelt condolences, came from people who had personal experience in the matter, and they all spoke of a sense of “just knowing” when it is time.
My personal experiences with losing beloved older pets had all happened due to the natural death of the pet.
In Taiga’s case, he had lost about 30 lbs over the course of the past year or so, but was still very enthusiastic about eating and treats. After making the appointment, I left Monday morning to do my pet sitting appointments and when I came home, Taiga was clingy and anxiety ridden to the point where I couldn’t even stand up without him scrambling to try and stand so he could follow me wherever I might be going. Upon arriving at the veterinary office, I promptly burst into tears when the woman at the front desk asked if she could help me.
Once all the papers were signed and payment rendered, the veterinarian was very good at explaining what the steps were and what could happen, both she and the technician were very clear that I could take all the time I needed and let them know when I was ready. While my heart is heavy and the empty space is vast where his lovable furry bulk used to take up at my feet no matter where I happened to be sitting, I have felt a sense of relief and a clarity that I made the right choice. They say all dogs go to heaven, and I rest assured that Taiga is in a much better place now free of pain and free of the limitations his aging body had placed upon him. Clay litter is the most conventional cat litter and is made from natural clay, or sodium bentonite, this is formed into pellets and then dried.
Until then, they are usually dependent on their mothers to stimulate their urine and excrement. Selecting the right litterSelecting the right litter is very important because if the cat does not like the litter, it will find another place to do its business. Some of them are blue crystals, clay litter, recycled pine litter, corn litter, clumping litter, and recycled paper litter. Why the cat may not be using the boxYou may have been trying to house train your cat for a long time, but it may be refusing to use the litter box. We don’t even use the expensive brand of dog and cat food, so it blows my mind thinking how much someone who does buy the high end brands of pet food can afford it on a regular basis. I have been doing some research and have come across a few ideas to try and save a few pennies while still giving your beloved fur kids the necessities of life.
Make a list of the pet essentials you purchase regularly and write down how often you purchase it and the price you pay for each item. Along the same line as stocking up on an item, if you are able to store and handle the bulk sizes of things such as litter and dry food, compare unit prices of the size you usually get and the largest size available.
While you should always compare prices at the stores in your area and make purchases where ever you will save the most money, take advantage of the rewards programs at all of the stores. There have been so many pet treat recalls within the last few years that I have stopped buying pet treats at all. Save money on toys and buy those that your dog (or cat) is just going to tear up within half an hour of purchase anyway at garage sales or thrift stores. Be realistic about your pet’s preferences and buy–or don’t buy—toys and pet gadgets accordingly. On a similar note, how many collars, leashes, halters, brushes, bowls, bells and blings does a pet need? While it is good to have an established, trusted vet, when you are just trying to find one for the first time, it is a good idea to call around and ompare veterinarians and pricing. Every time I have obtained a new kitten, potty training has been as easy as placing said kitten in the litter box and walking away. Unfortunately, Shihea began using the kitchen pantry as his potty, which was not acceptable. If you find your cat suddenly won’t use the litter box, there are resources online and in the local community to help with this problem. Petfinder has an article giving some good advice for the care and cleaning of areas a cat has soiled. The Woodford Humane Society in Versailles, KY has a great flyer listing the top 10 reasons. All of the dogs and cats my parents and I had while growing up lived to very ripe old ages, and all passed away naturally in the home after I had left home to start my own life.

While it is somewhat comforting to see how many others are asking the same question, and to read stories of so many who have personal experience in the matter and all giving their thoughts on how they came to the decision, it wasn’t making it any easier for me to make a decision.
He was beginning to have trouble walking, and it was getting difficult for him to stand from a lying down position because he was losing the function of his back legs.
The evening of Sunday, Sept 7 was very restless for him and therefore for me, and sometime in the night he woke me up by standing next to the bed panting.
Instead of dozing as he typically did in the afternoon, he just layed there with his head up and eyes closed, panting.
Euthanasia literally means “easy death” or “painless death” and I am glad I was able to offer that to my wonderful dog rather than allowing him to suffer and decline in a gradual, painful manner. I think that knowing what to expect and hearing others’ stories and experiences makes it easier to decide what is best for you and your pet. Think about how often you clean the place your cat uses every day and what type of litter  you use. For those who are environmentally conscious, this clay is strip mined from the earth which is very destructive to the earth. This Buzzle house training guide discusses some practical ways to show your cat or kitten the way to the litter box.
Always provide your cat with a bowl of water and a warm place to sleep, apart from a clean litter box that's placed away from her eating and resting place.
There are ones that are open and ones that are covered.These further come in many shapes and sizes, depending on how big your cat is.
The brands differ according to the type.Among these varieties, the safety of clumping litter is debated by many people.
Otherwise, it might find another spot to do its business.Make sure that your cat can easily access the box. Closely observe your cat's body language so that you will be able to know when it needs to go. Once the cat gets used to the litter box, start moving the box closer and closer to the door that you want it to use. By doing this, you will be aware of the regular price and can start to look for coupons or sales and when you find a cheaper price, stock up on the items that have a long shelf life. I have a keychain with all of those cute little plastic tags the stores give you and whenever I am at a particular store, I whip out my keychain and present the clerk with my barcode to be scanned. It is cheaper, and likely much safer, to make your own with the ingredients you have on your own pantry shelves. By doing it this way, you can purchase an entire bagful for the price of what you would pay for one new toy in the retail store. Manufacturers are great at making these things look appealing and can trick you into thinking you and your pet need the latest, cutest and newest of them, but if your dog’s current collar still fits and isn’t wearing out, why buy another one? I am not sure why there is such a deviation in pricing, but I called around when I was going to get our dog Bright Eyes spayed and got a huge range of prices. If you regularly take your pet to the groomer, it is very likely taking a decent sized chunk of your earnings every time. If you have a good money saving idea you have used and wish to share it, I would love to hear from you in the comment section, or post on our Facebook page.
It may take a time or two, but my good fortune has always been that the kitty “takes” to the box easily and potty training is done.
Our cat, Shihea, was Don’s cat before we moved in together, and according to Don, Shihea always used the litter box with no problem.
We have a fenced in yard and he isn’t athletic enough for us to worry he might jump it, so he became an outside cat and he seems very happy now. Veterinarians and shelters have pet experts on staff, and sometimes even the local pet store may have an employee with knowledge on the subject. I had never had to make a life or death decision in regards to a pet of my own, and I was unsure of what to do.
Taiga would have good days and bad days, and about the time I would start wondering if it was “the time,” he’d seem to be a bit better and I’d stop dwelling on the thought and just enjoy being with him.
He was also starting to lose control over his bowels so that when he was struggling to stand up, he would sometimes have accidents in the house. I called the vet back a bit after noon, explaining the situation and and asked if they had a sooner appointment, which they did. She was very understanding and helpful and her words were comforting to me when she said she was a believer in the quality of life of the pet. These are my views and opinions; my suggestion is to research it further to be more educated on what type of cat litter is best  for you.
Basically, when you decide to switch over, you want to slowly introduce the organic and reduce the clay. Until your cat stops soiling the house, provide her with a regular feeding schedule, which will automatically develop a corresponding elimination schedule. However, in general, choose a box that is big enough for the cat to fit in even when it is fully-grown. Move it every three or four days as it will take the cat some time to get used to this new location. Granted, trying to lug a 50 lb bag of dog food from the cart to your car, and then from the car to the house isn’t an easy feat, but if you are able to achieve the Herculean feat without sustaining an injury, and if it saves a decent amount of cash, maybe it is worth it. You can rest assured knowing exactly what is in the treats, and if you get hungry for a snack, heck, you can grab one yourself and share!!! Bring the toys home, throw them in the washer (if appropriate), disinfect with a mixture of vinegar and water and then present the “new” toy to its new owner.
I see an adorable toy or the latest “must have” pet item and make a purchase, only to get home and be greeted by the uninterested stares of my not impressed pets.

If you do find yourself unable to refrain from purchasing pet accessories, you could donate your old items that are still in good shape to a local rescue and get a small tax write off!!! Without naming names, I’ll just say that the one I decided to go with was over $150 less money for the same list of services than the most expensive one I’d first called. Be sure to carefully compare costs and plans and take into consideration your current pet medical costs before committing to anything.
If you are physically able, depending on your pet’s attitude about grooming and the breed of your pet, you might be able to save some money by learning to groom the pet yourself.
However, when we merged houses and Shihea moved in with me and my other two kitties, Stormy and Ivy, problems began. I see him doing his business in the mulch path near our garden boxes, so as long as we watch where we step and as long as Don does his pooper scooping and catches it, we’re good to go! Online a simple internet search for “cat won’t use litter box” brings up an entire internet goldmine of possible help.
For the past couple of years, I have been mentally trying to prepare myself for Taiga not being around forever, simply because of his age. Finally, he seemed to pant and breathe heavily more often, and while it was sometimes from the heat, I also suspect some of it was caused by stress, anxiety or possibly pain. We discussed Taiga’s quality of life and his limitations, and potential steps we could take to alleviate those limitations, but in my heart I knew there wasn’t much that could be done, and trying any sort of treatment would only be prolonging the inevitable and further causing him anxiety, distress and possibly pain.
The procedure itself was quick and without incident, my beloved dog went to sleep for the last time as I was holding his head in my hands and rubbing his ears. I have been thinking a lot about this being a pet sitter and all, I can’t stand clay litter! Start out by cleaning out the poo from the clay litter and then put some organic litter in then keep repeating this process until you have no clay left. Basically you buy two matching cat boxes or plastic bins & drill holes in one (holes must be smaller than rocks). Kittens grow up very fast, and if you get a small box in the beginning, you might have to purchase a large one soon enough. Litter also comes in the scented and non-scented varieties, the latter being more preferred by cats.One method to counter the smell is to place a small bag of lava rocks next to the litter to absorb the smell. The pet will love it anyway even if it isn’t new, and you won’t have just spent an outrageous amount of cash on one item that will be torn to shreds and have to be discarded within hours or days. If it is a cat item, usually the cats enjoy the packaging the item came in, and if a dog item, unless it is food, they usually don’t want it. After I had made the appointment with the least expensive veterinarian, I ended up finally getting in touch with the county funded “neuter commuter” and got her an appointment with them, which saved me even more money. I wasn’t ready to commit to anything, so I just said I wished him to be examined, and the first appointment was in 2 days on Wednesday. Don and I had an unusually quiet afternoon with no appointments so as we spent the time watching TV, I sat on the floor so Taiga could put his head on my lap and I hugged him and petted him and stroked his ears and just loved him. One reason and I’m sure you have heard this before, silica is a plastic and that is the furthest from environmentally friendly. If not, then you can gently take hold of its front paw and make a scratching motion with it on the litter, or you can do the same with your finger.Take your cat to the box a few minutes after every meal and every time it wakes up from a nap.
Keep up this method till you reach the place that you want your cat to use.Remove the box in a few days once your cat starts going outside on its own. If your dog or cat has a box or basket full of never played with toys, chances are, he or she won’t be interested in another one, so it might be wiser to save your money!
However, I know now which vet I will be going to for future needs, and it won’t be the expensive one.
If you must take the pet to the groomer, maybe go a bit longer between visits to save a bit of cash.
We did as the experts suggested by having more litter boxes than cats, but they were all in one area in our basement, and there was still a problem with him not wanting to go in the boxes.
The dust that is kicked up when scooping it is terrible and unhealthy, why do you think they put a  label on it stating “Toxoplasma gondii may also cause birth defects, so pregnant women should never change or handle used cat litter”. To clean; take the solid waste out with a pair of kitchen tongs (please buy a pair to use only for this purpose!) and dispose of.
You can even put the litter from the box in the designated place to make it easier for your cat to know that it is supposed to go there.
My best experience was when I switched over to organics it is easy to do and I will get to that a little later. Usually, once the box is used, it smells in a particular way, which attracts cats to it, thus, making them use it.Another effective method is to keep the cat in a small cage or space with the litter box, its food, and bedding for a while. They fall into several categories: wood-based (pine, cedar), plant-based (wheat, corn, grass fibers), and paper-based (newsprint, recycled newspaper). As cats do not like to soil their eating or sleeping areas, it will make your pet use the box. I like the wood-based type the best and I can treat it like I do with dog waste and make it Earth friendly, Talk about that in a different blog (recycle pet waste). Also, never shout at the cat while it is in the box, as it will associate the scolding with the box and not use it. It may take a few days, weeks, or even a month or more to train your cat, but you will succeed.

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