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I have housed trained my puppy by leaving the back door open so she can go potty whenever she wanted for a week.
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Every time she had an accident I would call her or carry her to the spot and point at it and say in a firm voice BAD GIRL ! Acerca de El uso de este sitio constituye la aceptacion de los terminos y politica de privacidad de eHow. Even if you clean the spot with regular soap, the dog may still smell his scent unless you also neutralize the odor. My 11weeks labrador is being potty train by taking her to the yard to the same spot over and over. White vinegar is a chemical-free way to disinfect and neutralize the odor of urine and feces.
Keep the bottle on hand during training.Step 2Spray the vinegar mixture lightly on carpeted areas in your house.

The only time I had used a spray of water with just a tiny bit of vinegar diluted in it was to train her not to nip hard or jump on the sofa.
Sin embargo, como se caracterizan por independientes y tercos, debes ser consistente y determinado con el entrenamiento para lograr tus metas. I had a bucket and mop ready in the kitchen for any mess too, water-bleach-washing-up liquid mix. The vinegar odor acts as a deterrent to help prevent the puppy from urinating and defecating on the carpet.Step 3Allow the puppy to sniff the vinegar scent. She has stopped weeing in the house after 2 days of this with leaving the back door opened for direct access to garden for a week or so.
Do not rub her nose in it, because that will scare her.Step 4Take your puppy outside to potty frequently during the day to prevent accidents.
Puppies have small bladders and may need to go out as many as six to eight times a day during training.
Give the puppy an opportunity to potty outside after waking, before bed and after drinking water or eating food.Step 5Present the puppy with a dog treat after he potties outside and whenever he avoids making messes in the house.

Rewards provide positive reinforcement.Step 6Clean up any household pet messes immediately. Spray the affected area with a generous amount of the vinegar water mixture until it is saturated. Lleva a tu mascota afuera cuando desee hacer sus necesidades en el área designada antes de llevar al perro a la casa.
The vinegar will both disinfect the area and neutralize the odor.Step 7Soak a cleaning cloth with the vinegar mixture, and allow it to sit on tough spots for 10 minutes.
Aumenta la cantidad de tiempo entre los viajes hacia el exterior por una hora a la vez, hasta que el perro sea capaz de contenerse por seis horas seguidas.

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