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When we say house train a Shih Tzu, we are referring to housebreaking, house training, crate training, and potty training -- basically all mean the same thing but might have different meanings to different people.
Before we discuss the ins and outs of house training, its important to understand that puppies have very small bladders and when they have to go, THEY HAVE TO GO. For house training or housebreaking to be successful, the single most important thing that a new owner must learn to do is observe their puppy. Two decisions you will need to make before embarking on house training or housebreaking are location and words to use. Secondly, it is important with any training to have words to use that the puppy will understand. At first when you house train a Shih Tzu, you might discover that nighttime can be problematic because many small puppies cannot sleep through the night without the need to go. Most puppies feel very secure in their crate and will go in it whenever they want to sleep or get away from the normal commotion of a busy household.

Remember a young puppy cannot go much beyond 2 hours during the day before they need to eliminate.
Crates should be big enough to stand up, turn around, lay down and stretch out.Crates for Shih Tzu dogs should have ventilation on all four sidesTo teach him to enter the crate, toss a treat in and praise him when he goes after the treat. This in a nutshell is how to house train a Shih Tzu.  If nothing goes wrong and no problems arise, you are home free! Sophie ( A brown and white beauty) May 20, 16 10:37 AMThis is my beautiful little girl Sophie.
Oyr Prapso is now 8 and everyone loves him May 15, 16 10:12 AMWe have had Weechee since a puppy, he looked just like the rest of this litter,but he was more quiet and less fluffy around his eyes. Shih Tzu Nursery A May 12, 16 12:23 PMShih Tzu Nursery A Page highlights some of our beautiful puppies that are available. If getting up in the middle of the night does not appeal to you, then you must make an acceptable place where the puppy can use to eliminate.

Please check out the tips below if you are having difficulty getting your puppy to go to his crate.The notion about using crates as house training tools lies in the fact that instinctively dogs do not want to soil their den or nest. Stay with him and praise him when he goesWhichever location you choose, it is important to be consistent. This usually means confining the puppy to a small area using an exercise pen or x-pen and place wee-wee pads where you want him to eliminate. A crate can serve as a: Transport carrier in a car, plane or other vehicle Can be used in a hotel room Can be used as a a€?doghousea€? or security den for a dog Can be used to protect a puppy from dangerous household items such as poisonous plants, electrical cords, medicines, etc.

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