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Forget about looking for signs of readiness—when it comes to potty training, your kiddo is ready way earlier than you think. This works for a while, but every parent has to eventually deal with the source of frustration that is potty training. Make sure they are drinking regularly and take them on a trip to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Whenever your child successfully goes potty, be sure to reward them with a cheap toy, sticker or small treat.
Flipping the channel to Curious George may give you a minute to breathe, but it's also derailing your efforts. Children are curious creatures and respond to potty training with the right cues: teaching them to know their bodies, and getting rid of distractions and old methods.

The frequency can vary from child to child, but don't feel like you are alone if your little of bundle of joy is having problems adjusting.
All of these can be cheaply obtained at the dollar store.Little WeirdosWherever they are sitting, make sure your child sits on a bath mat. Sometimes your kid gets so wrapped up in playtime that they simply don't realize they need to go potty.
Just focusing all your time on that child for three days," says Jensen.Toss your backup materials. After so many centuries of teaching our kids how to do it, you would think that we would have discovered an easier method by now. Accidents will happen, and this will create a barrier between their bottom and your couch or rug.OjonyeNever make a huge deal about an accident.

And since they've always had a built-in bathroom attached to them, they don't know to say anything.
Lora told ABC 6 that parents should continually remind them that they need to tell you they need a potty break. The important part is to explain that there is no diaper to catch their pee or poo, so they have to use the potty if they ever want to go.

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