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ShareMost pet owners know that puppy pads are one of the most effective ways to help potty train your pet. Charming Little Chis The Chihuahua is the oldest known dog breed in America and the smallest breed in the world.
But some pet owners don't know that puppy pads are also a good item to have around the house to help accommodate occasional pet needs, especially in the winter.Many dogs don't like the cold weather, especially small dogs. Smaller pets sometimes have to be dressed in warm pet clothing before going outside, however their paws can still get cold. I received another customers purchase (that is still in it's box by my frot door waiting for pick up)instead of mine. Large amounts of snow can also inhibit smaller pets from going outside because the snow piles are taller than they are.

The Chihuahua is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua where he was brought to by travelers. Pets can simply use the puppy pad and stay in the comfort and warmth of their own home,and not feel guilty about making a mess in the house.Puppy pads can also serve a disposable door mat for your pet. Pet's paws can easily drag salt, melted snow, and even mud in the house as the snow comes and goes. There is also a long-haired type or Chihuahua that is seen separately, but is essentially the same except for the coat. Keeping a pad near the door will quickly absorb any dirt or moisture dragged in my your dog and keep it from getting on your carpets and floors.Similarly, puppy pads, both washable and disposable can be used as pet towels for those pets who do like to roll in the snow or mud during the winter. The Chihuahua is well known today as a popular, economical companion dog.Chihuahua’s Appearance Charming Little ChisThe Chihuahua is a tiny dog with an apple-shaped head and a short pointed muzzle.

You can simply dry off your pet with a washable or disposable puppy pad before he or she enters your home, preventing any dirt and moisture from getting in your house, while keeping your pet clean and dry. Colors include fawn, sand, chestnut, silver and steel blue, but any color is accepted, including black & tan and parti-color.

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