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When I was 18 years old, I paid for all of my non-tuition fees for university by taking a part time job at a local UPS Store.
At this point you might be thinking something like, “I don’t like pre-mom, 18 year old Kristin very much!
When I first started working at the UPS Store my manager was very adamant that we never let non-employees use the restroom.
When you first start going out with your child after they have gone two weeks at home with minimal accidents, be prepared to have to stop and change clothes, or to find a bathroom halfway through your trip.
Next week we will be talking about traveling with a newly potty trained child and how you can prepare and approach this interesting challenge with your family.
Today I wanted to discuss the most frustrating part of potty training, a total and complete lack of control. Something you have to acknowledge right away when you are potty training is that accidents will happen.
You might be asking me, “Well Kristin, if I can’t yell at them or punish them when they have an accident… what can I do? So there you have it, a quick list of potty training wisdom graciously passed down to me by other awesome mommies and applied to my own little sprouts.
Next week I’ll be writing about going out of the house while potty training, and sharing one potty training story that still haunts me 10 years later. I am so excited to write this series, and I can’t wait to hear your horror and victory stories about this topic!
But before I get ahead of myself, if you haven’t read the other two posts in the Potty Training Series, please go and check them out so we are all on the same page.
I quietly rang up her bill, told her the total, gave her the change, and watched her storm out the door in whirlwind of rage.
She explained that since we stored chemicals and copy toner in the bathroom, that if there was an accident, the insurance would only cover it if the accident happened to an employee. As a parent with a potty training child, it is your responsibility to make sure you stop at a place where your child can go to the bathroom in a timely manner.
If worst comes to worst and your child has an accident in their second change of clothes, go home! First of all, let me say I am really excited by the enthusiasm surrounding this series, and we are only on the second post! As a parent, you can control many things about your children’s lives and behavior such as what they eat, where they go to school, what they watch on TV, and how they behave (to a point).
They wake up in the morning with a dry diaper (this can be helped along if their liquids are limited starting 2 hours before their bed time). You or someone else can stay home with them for two weeks straight and work on potty training without having to leave for long chunks of time or go on a trip. You are in a place mentally and emotionally where you expect accidents to happen, and can offer positive reinforcement whenever they don’t. I used gummis as a reward for both girls, they are small treats that don’t ruin their appetite. When your child manages to make anything into the toilet (even if some got on the floor, in their trainer… wherever) make sure to cheer and reward them.
Go into the other room, take some deep breaths, and remind yourself that potty training is a process, not an overnight event.

If you have spent 2 whole weeks (and not a day less) potty training and things are still not going well, it’s ok to take a break if your child is willing.
She didn’t get punished or anything like that, but her consequence was that we had to go home and change her clothes and as a result her play time was cut short. You can’t just go out and run errands for 3 to 5 hours and hope that when your child has to go to the bathroom, you will be somewhere with an available toilet.
It might be a huge inconvenience, but being a parent is about making sacrifices for your children. When they go several times on the potty without having an accident, you can reward them with special big girl or big boy underwear that have their favorite character on them. If there is an expensive persian rug you don’t want to see ruined, roll it up and put it away.
When an accident does happen, remind your child that it’s ok, and to tell mommy or daddy next time. However, you should never, never force your child to put a diaper back on as long as they willing to continue trying in order to avoid wearing one. Well, I have a 5 year old, and I potty trained her while we were living on a bible college in Hungary over two years ago. It only took a few times of that happening for her to realize that if she asked me to take her to the potty, she could go, and then continue playing.
Join me as I research travel tools, strategies, and the best ways to have fun traveling with my three energetic children. The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.
In fact, one time I had a 5 year old customer’s son tell me that he was going to Paris for his birthday (was I a little jealous, yes… may the Lord forgive me).
Her instructions were very simple, don’t ever let a customer use the restroom or you will be fired. Think about your day, where you will be, and plan out where you can stop along the way so your child can relieve themselves. They are in total control of that area, and they know it!  So let us do our best to fight the urge to control their bowel movements, and we will get through this, I promise! If they have another accident, switch them back to their trainers until they can go 3 consecutive times on the potty without an accident. For those of you with carpet, have a good cleaner and scrubbing brush ready at a moment’s notice.
For most children it is extremely embarrassing to put a diaper back on if they have successfully been able to wear underwear or trainers for any amount of time. Whatever potty training approach you are taking, eventually you will have to leave your house. At the time when we were potty training Ksena, we were traveling on a pretty constant basis, and I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. But one of the things I remember most vividly from working at that store was a mother and her two children. If you encourage your child’s good behavior in this area, you are definitely going to be more successful in your potty training adventures.
You should also have plenty of pairs of trainers and underwear ready… and get ready to do quite a bit of laundry.

If they don’t care about wearing a diaper, maybe give them and yourself a break for a couple of weeks and then try again. Things get even more complicated when you are going on a road trip or flying somewhere with a newly potty trained child.
She was fairly easy to potty train, especially because she was coming out of wearing cloth diapers, not disposables, and she was sick of feeling wet. Potty training our second child has made me think through a lot of the ways I dealt with it the first time around, and I want to go over our potty training journeys with you through this series. There were chemicals and other things stacked all around the toilet area, and I would have had to watch the woman’s daughter while she took him in there.
You can also have them wear trainers when you first start taking them on outings to give you a few minutes of extra insurance.
I’m sure you can think of other creative ways to encourage your child as they are learning the new and exciting process of using a toilet. So come along on this potty training journey with me, and we’ll get through it together. I was surrounded by other awesome mommies at the time and decided to go for the all or nothing approach based on their advice.
Potty training can terrify and stupify mothers and fathers all around the globe, but it doesn’t have to, and I hope this series will help you in your own potty training adventures. About halfway through packing something for her, I noticed that her son started to do the potty dance.
Listen, I really wanted to help this lady out, but she obviously didn’t care about putting my job at risk, or the moral dilemma she was placing me in by trying to convince me to disobey my manager. And remember that it is counteractive to punish or yell at your child for having an accident, no matter how angry you may feel at the moment.
Yes, this list has been personally tested by me, twice (Katienne is doing very well in the Potty Training area, by the way). We stopped diapering completely, including at night, put undies on her, and gave her a gummy bear every time she went on the toilet. You know the dance I’m talking about… hopping from one foot to the other, holding your crotch. Take a few deep breaths, remind yourself that they are new at this and need grace, and start over with a new pair of undies. We have been giving Kati a treat when get home if she can manage to keep her trainers dry the whole time we are out. After a week of constant accidents, things got better, and I was thankful that we had hardwood floors, and not carpet (yikes!). I knew what was coming next, but there was nothing I could do to stop the chain of sad events that was about to unfold in front of me. This means there is a positive incentive for her telling us when she has to go to the bathroom in time.

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