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A potty chair puts the task of using the toilet at your tot's level, but it is possible to potty train without a potty chair. You can choose from a number of potty training tactics, but buying a potty chair is generally a good idea no matter what approach you take. Some children master potty training at 18 months, while others don't get the hang of it until the age of 4. You may be ready for potty training, but it’s much more important that your child is, too. Learning to use the toilet is a major achievement in a child's life, as he will gain some additional independence from his parents. When your toddler first starts the potty training venture, you may have had high hopes for a quick transition from diapers to big boy undies.
Potty-training is difficult under normal circumstances, but when your son is stubborn it magnifies the problem.
Toilet training is a major milestone in the life of a toddler because it's step toward independence. Potty training is a big milestone for your little one, but it isn't always the easiest process. Toilet training can be an exciting and challenging transition for both you and your toddler. Toilet, or potty, training is an important step in a child's development and all parents must eventually become involved with it. Whether your child is ready at 18 months or 3 years of age, the time will come when you have to potty train him. Toilet training is one of those milestones in your little one's life, but one you may have been dreading. Although it’s important for a young child to be physically and emotionally ready to potty train, parents are part of the overall success of the process as well.
When you're potty training your child, you want to adhere to a schedule so your toddler can make it to the potty with ease. According to the University of Michigan Health System, most toddlers are ready to begin potty training between 24 and 27 months. Potty training is serious business but a sense of humor, positive attitude and a heaping helping of patience will make the process less taxing for you and your tot.

Issues with potty training can plague a family, involving resistant behavior in children and frustration for parents.
Potty training a toddler is never a walk in the park, but it can be even more challenging if both parents work outside the home full time. Few events in a toddler’s life are comparable to the excitement that comes from learning how to use the potty. Extended nursing is a term used to describe long-term breast-feeding, which is generally considered to be beyond the age of 1. While every child is different, it has been proven time and time again that girls potty train earlier than boys do. The length of time it takes a child to potty train depends on a number of different elements. Potty training isn't going to be easy, but it's also going to be very rewarding in the end. Your child will display many signs to indicate that he is finally ready to start using the bathroom on his own. Doting parents note several milestones in their children's lives -- the first smile, the first tooth, the first word, the first step.
For many toddlers, potty training for pooping is more difficult than potty training for peeing. Among parenting's many challenges, teaching your child to use the potty is one of the big ones.
Potty training is an exciting growth step for children, a relief for parents to stop dealing with diapers and sometimes stressful for everyone until it is mastered. Many factors can affect a child's ability to potty train -- from emotional readiness to fear of the bathroom. Some toddlers seem to get the hang of potty training although they refuse to poop on the potty. You have been potty training your child for quite some time, and for the most part, she is pretty consistent. Potty training is a significant part of a child's development, and the most important thing to remember is that every child develops differently. Potty training involves more than just getting your toddler to understand when they have to go, and making it to the toilet in time.

Training a child to use a toilet can be easy and painless if you are persistent and it can even be fun. Books are a great potty training tool that can not only teach your child how to use the toilet, but can make going to the bathroom seem fun. When toddlers first start potty training, they might not be able to tell when they have to use the bathroom until it's too late.
Rewarding your child with a treat, such as a fruit snack, is a great potty training tool that can motivate your toddler to use the toilet.
Bringing your child with you to pick out fun potty training underwear is a great way to motivate your child to wear underwear and use the toilet. It's best to potty train at home, where your toddler feels comfortable and secure, so plan to start potty training during school and work vacations.
If your toddler has a potty training accident, it's very important to use positive reinforcement and avoid making them feel bad or embarrassed. For potty training, bringing your toddler with you when you go to use the bathroom can help set a good example. Fun games are great for potty training boys because they help toddlers get excited about using the toilet, plus they can help improve aim. To track your child’s successes in this venture, create a potty training sticker chart.
Made from extra-absorbent material, training pants are a cross between a diaper and big-kid underwear.
Every child is different, however, so don't focus too much on how long the process is taking. While cloth diapers and waterproof coverups are still popular among parents, disposables get better with each improved version. Although they began as a cleaner alternative to standard baby wipes, flushable wipes have expanded markets.
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