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Potty training also known as toilet or house training is teaching your Bichon FriseĀ  puppy where you want him to relieve himself. How to potty train a bichon frise puppy - bichon frise, How to potty train a bichon frise puppy - bichon frise house training tips - housebreaking bichon frise puppies fast & easy. Bichon frise - crate training a puppy, Most new pet owners misunderstand the purpose of a dog crate.
Believe it or not, his previous owner would stick him outside and throw a handful of dry dog food out when she left to go to work at 6:30 AM so he could run loose until she came home sometimes after 10:00 PM and sometimes not at all!
He will fetch the ball he plays catch and also loves to be a fielder for cricket he even trys to be the bowler.
Rumor has it that Kobi eventually started going to his neighbor's house because he knew they would take care of him. I love playful dogs, i think it is better than having a lazy one that sleeps all day hehehe.

Since the neighbors knew I had recently had my beloved 18 year old Maltese (Sebastian) put to sleep, they strongly encouraged Kobi's owner to either give him to me or put him up for adoption.
She loves to play fetch and will play as long as I do and when I quit, she will bring her toy and plop it at my feet over and over until I throw it again. We keep our hair short to avoid that -- we both have wavy hair and when it gets longer, even with daily brushing, we get tangled too! He was extremely destructive as a puppy, to the point where I didn't know if I could keep him any longer, when suddenly like a light switch, he stopped. It seems that their Bichon puppy is always either in the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time!
Nevertheless, over the years, after much experiments and reading up, here areĀ  6 simple tips to help potty train your Bichon Frise puppy dog.
He has a sensitive stomach and only eats food for dogs with sensitive digestive systems or he will get sick every few days.

At eight years old now, he still has the energy of a puppy and loves to throw his toys in the air and attack them. My Maltichon always greets me (his "real" mommy) at the door and even sulks if he realizes it is someone other than me coming home.
So unlike a Bichon personality.He has lots of energy, but at the end of the day he is the first to fall asleep, and then doesn't wake up until the morning, kind of like he wore himself out.

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