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The simplest method on how to potty train your dog is to first define a sleeping and play area. This entry was posted in Dog Training and tagged Potty Train Your Dog on July 27, 2011 by Maria. It can be a crate that you have brought, a sleeping basket, or even some rugs thrown on the floor. Have some patience and simply pick him up every time that you notice him going potty elsewhere and take him over to the newspapers.

As a bonus, we've included a 3 simple step guide for training your dog in the shortest time possible. Other dog door bells look cheap and often tacky; however, we took great care to give Potty Bells' alloy ornament, reinforced nylon stitching and nickel plated bells a touch of welcoming character. Do remember that the puppy has already learned a few cleanliness basics when it was in the litter. Don't be surprised if your dog starts to use them just by associating them with the door opening, even without training!

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