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Figuring out what kind of method you want to teach your Yorkie is an important first step in housebreaking. This is a big decision to make, because we don’t want to switch it up constantly and confuse our Yorkie. If you decide that your Yorkie should do things outside, keep in mind that there are many factors involved with this and you’ll need to be very patient. For those of you interested in crate training your Yorkie, you should check out our Kindle ebook. If you have an adorable small puppy, you’ll find that they typically have to go out every hour or so. For those of you that want to crate train your Yorkie, we have published a Kindle eBook on that topic. It is available for all digital devices.

Yorkie training - housebreaking your yorkshire terrie, Begin your yorkie training by housebreaking your yorkshire terrier.. Yorkshire terrier information and training, potty training, Yorkshire terrier information & training yorkies are willing and capable students. Potty training the yorkshire terrier, Free yorkie report home barking breed standard history nipping & biting potty training. It can take up to fifteen minutes for your Yorkie to be comfortable enough to go in ideal conditions. Their tiny little bladders can’t hold much, and their digestive systems are also quite small.
If you’re willing to put constant hours and days into potty training your dog, it will eventually pay off.

You need to show them when and where to do these activities, and you need to make sure you show them over and over again.
In this article, we’ll be giving you some potty training tips so you can more easily train your Yorkie to go potty where you want it to, minimizing accidents and other headaches.
After a year or so, they will grow big enough that they can be taken out at regular intervals, usually about five or six times a day.
Yorkies are very intelligent and given enough time, they can learn to do some pretty amazing things.

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