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One of the horrible and tormenting realities of human world is the abuse and pain human beings inflict on little innocent children and other human beings. The print campaign designed by famed ad agency McCann Erickson Spain for Casa do Menor shows a child being tormented by ‘hands’ and the pain in the eyes of the little one is very haunting; public awareness campaigns should be such to make a long lasting impact on the minds of masses.
The memory of abuse is particularly long and it influences the entire psyche and personality of the child. Sexual abuse is every parent's nightmare, exceeded only by the idea of losing a child completely.
On the night the truth emerged, Jane clutched her frightened child and promised him again and again that he was absolutely a good boy, and Mommy and Daddy would never stop loving him. Children with special needs are perfect prey because they may not understand what is happening, know to speak up or have the communication skills to do so.
Boys with disabilities or children with disabilities who are in preschool or younger are more likely than children without disabilities to be abused. Jenny Thompson has a daughter with Down syndrome and supports a nonprofit called Step Up, Speak Out.
Nearly one in 10 typical students (not just those with a disability) experienced unacceptable sexual behavior by a school employee while in school, according to a 2004 report for the U. If you suspect abuse, the nonprofit Committee for Children provides information on next steps. The following steps are designed to help you protect your child(ren), but remember the #1 way to protect your children is by identifying sexual predators in your area. As a parent, be informed by knowing where the child predators live in your neighborhood and around your local schools.

Casa Do Menor’s latest campaign titled ‘Hands’ against sexual and other kinds of abuse of small children is very disturbing.
The displaced and broken toys in the picture depicts how childhood gets robbed and little ones get burdened with pain which they don’t even understand. Sexual abuse, violence and even verbal abuse can the take away the sense of security and confidence of the little one for good. After she welcomed her son, Charlie, and his extra chromosome, she discovered her passion for writing about Down syndrome and disability-related issues. The predator had groomed him to believe that if he told his parents, they would think he was a "bad boy" and they wouldn't love him anymore. Teach your child(ren) their full name, address, phone number with area code, parents' names and work and cell phone numbers. Good examples are: a mother with children, a counter clerk in a store or a uniformed police officer.
In case of an emergency, it is imperative that a readily available, up-to-date record is kept.
Practice reciting this information often as children may often forget pertinent information over time. Next time you visit a store, practice picking these types of people out with your child(ren).
If an incident occurs in your community, speak frankly about it and use this time to discuss and re-emphasize the safety rules with them. Records should include a recent photograph, fingerprints, physical attributes and even a DNA sample.

Seventy four percent of children who are abducted and murdered are killed within three hours of the abduction. Set the kids free from abuse and violence – it echoes the hard truth insensitive grownups forget while targeting little ones. Also practice how to make an emergency call to you or 911 from a pay phone (if available) or cell phones. When you can not find your child, you should immediately call your local law enforcement and provide your child's name, date of birth, height, weight, and any distinctive marks such as eyeglasses, braces or scars.
Request that your child's information be immediately entered into the National Crime Information Center's Missing Person File.
After you have reported your child missing to local law enforcement, call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST.
Some of the safety films were written, created, and directed entirely by children so that other children could learn how to protect themselves from dangerous situations by recognizing the behavior patterns of those who might try to harm them.
Remind them that there is safety in numbers and they should always use the buddy system, never going anywhere alone.
Stress the point that they should avoid situations that might isolate them from others or crowds.

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