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With  a new world, Dragon Valley being released on May 30th and that whole The Sims 4 thing on the horizon in 2014, I thought it would be beneficial to go back to my Sims 3 game and see just how much havoc I could wreak using some familiar faces and a whole lot of expansion packs. Thus, I have created a few Save Game sims with which to gleefully traipse around the land, speaking Simlish, getting into trouble and generally entertaining the ever loving crap out of me for hours on end.
The first thing you have to realize is that there are a lot of expansion packs going on once you install them.
The first thing I did, obviously is get the Save Game kids set up on their home office so they’d have a place to work and play.
I’m looking forward to capturing some adventures and creating some more familiar Save Game friends while I try to discover everything each one of these expansion packs has to offer.
For those of you just joining this little adventure, the idea is this:  I made some Sims from our Save Game family here and popped them into a world with a ton of expansion packs so I could gleefully watch silliness ensue. The University Life expansion pack for The Sims 3 adds some interesting features to the game. To start off on our University Life adventure, Tash, Jen, and Joe made their way to the campus and settled into their dorm with a random group of roommates. Naturally, all of our Sims took to this like ducks to water and made a million friends right off the bat. With friendships and awkward sniffing well under way, it occurred to our sims that college is definitely a place for studying and making the grade and figuring out how to be, like,  successful in life or something. Joe is doing well in his classes too, and on his off hours he is quickly climbing the ranks in the Nerd social group.

Like most college experiences, there will always be things to inspire life lessons through embarrassing mistakes and bad judgment calls.
The Sims 3 Hidden Springs: - Discover the Magic – The curious magical properties of Hidden Springs have intrigued many for ages.
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If you are placing a lot where another lot once was, save your game and exit to the main menu.
Jen is a terrible influencer I fear and she seemed insistent that they go hang out in their retro gaming room. If you are having a bunch of bugs after downloading this it is a coincidence, be sure to check your Mods folder for corrupt files and clear your caches and world caches often, as you should with normal gameplay. If you are having trouble getting a lot to snap to the road, hold down your ALT key while placing the lot, as it allows finer placement.
Whatever the answer, one thing is certain: the Sims you meet in Hidden Springs will have all-new stories that are out of this World. Recently I was start playing back my Sims 3 game after long ago, in my Windows Vista desktop with newly upgraded CPU.

The trees have been completely hand-picked by me to have many different, more colorful tree types.
Spawners have been placed from scratch in places I think made sense at the time (Looking for seeds? Discover the mysterious Barnacle Bay lore by exploring the abandoned piers of Founder's Beach and the relics found within the Goldbeard Galleon Gallery. Then, it works fine for several minutes, before the game freeze and a message appeared said Sims 3 has stopped working, then, it shutting down, going back to desktop.
FYI, I was ever put the game mod in my old save, but it was removed a long ago, before I transferred it to my desktop computer.
Your skewered fruit tidbits will never again be the same once you've dipped them into the Aims Co. Can you explain it?Btw, I forgot to tell you, actually, while I said my games works fine in new game, I mean the games that started from the new save.

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