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Aug 25 Posted by Michele 8 Comments August 25, 2014 Posted by Michele 8 Comments Look at how your cousin takes off her underwear to use the potty! I saw someone on Facebook mention The Naked Method in reference to potty training, so I decided to try out our own version of the program.
The first week she had a couple of accidents, but most days she used the potty as intended. It’s not a big deal to be naked at home, but she has to wear pants at daycare and when we leave the house.
This is the method I eventually went with for my son; he we incredibly hard to potty train and boy could he hold it. Happy, helpful, encouraging repetition of the ups-and-downs of underwear is what I’d go with. I had a similar dilemma- my son (27 months) was doing great while naked but couldn’t pull down underwear despite demonstrations and bribes.
Using the potty right before bed can help children stay dry, as they will be less likely to need to go in the middle of the night. If your child has a hard time taking off his or her pajama bottoms to use the toilet, accidents are far more likely to occur. Well, just because you’re potty training your kids, doesn’t mean that life as you know it has to come to a halt.  Here are a few tips that have helped us train our kids while still having some fun (because let’s face it, you’re earning it). Send them outside.  A puddle of pee is much easier to deal with on the grass than in your bedroom.
So I've noticed tons of parents say they are going to start potty training soon and thought it would be a good idea to post some tips. The use of the potty has been directed by me from the beginning, which seems to be holding back her progress in being completely potty trained.

I have found out of the house as long as I stay on top of him and tell him to go potty regularly he will stay dry, but still doesn’t tell me when he needs to pee.
Potty training got out on hold for a couple of months due to travel… and now he can operate his pants!
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If your child is old enough to use the bathroom during the day but has accidents at night, make this a part of the bedtime routine. Even though they are capable of going to the bathroom to relieve themselves, they stay put and hold it for as long as they can or wet the bed because they think there are monsters lurking in the dark hallway between their bedroom and the bathroom.
Make sure your child can pull off pajamas quickly by having him or her practice before bed. Something we used to do was to keep the light in the bathroom on, in case they wanted to go by themselves and didn’t want to wake us up, it helped a lot! If I don’t take off her diaper and put her on the potty every hour, she just pees in the diaper.
I just left Franci naked from the waist down whenever we were at home (and awake) and reminded her to pee in her potty every 15 minutes. A few times a day I practice putting it on and off with her, but she still doesn’t get it. I would love to hear your potty training stories and any suggestions you might have for us! I started with loose elastic waist pants, then boxers and haven’t tried both drawers and oants yet, but it’s exciting! For example, you might say, “I like how dry your pants and the sheets on your bed are this morning.

Tell her to wake you up if she needs to go potty so that you can accompany her to the bathroom. This means making a plan and sticking to it, whether you're at home, daycare, or on the town.
No matter what you choose for your child for seating arrangements, you know what works best for your child.
Even if you've gone a while with successful bathroom trips, your child may experience accidents. In that case, it might be a good idea to go back to pull ups until the routine is back and things are calmer.
Talk to your caregiver and anyone else who is involved with your children to approach potty training the way you do. With those facts in mind, I finally decided it was time to start potty training in earnest.
Yesterday I left her underwear on to see what would happen, and she sat on the potty and peed right through them as if they weren’t there. The child can’t control the behavior and will only learn to fear the potty if you do this. If it’s because of a snap or drawstring, consider leaving those open so that the child can more easily take the pajamas off if he or she needs to use the restroom. Stay calm while cleaning and allow your child to help by taking off the soiled clothes and putting them in the washing machine himself.

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