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Of all the daunting challenges that parents face, explaining the concepts of sex and death to a child perhaps tops the list. A curious child of three charged with ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions is likely to overhear an adult conversation and ask, “What is death?”, “Why did he die?” Don’t snub the child.
A child who’s not been exposed to sorrow will fall apart when he is confronted by the death of a loved one. Children below eight are often interested in death without being able to grasp its irrevocability. Unless parents are comfortable with their own sexuality, a pre-schooler’s queries may faze them. The explanation that the baby grows from an egg in a special place called the ‘womb’, will satisfy a child of five. When the reproductive system is taught at school, he will take it in his stride and not titter if the parents have dealt with the subject in small doses through his growing years. You will lose your child’s confidence if you don’t give him an honest answer on the issue of sex. Odd bits of misinformation from classmates and fear of punishment from parents breed an unhealthy attitude towards sex. Your child may embarrass you in public by declaring that all boys have a penis and girls don’t. A child brought up in an over-strict, rigid home, where certain subjects are taboo, is likely to grow up into a maladjusted individual.
Body Talk by Anjali Wason – Written especially for Indian women (14 and above) this book discusses issues from sex to sexual orientation and our national obsession with skin color. Loudoun county public library, Overview, explanation of services and policies, online catalog and databases, recommended sites, and pages for kids and teens.. News videos video clips nbc4 washington, Get the latest news video clips from nbc4 washington.
Scholastic publishes literacy resources children', Scholastic delivering literacy resources kids outstanding children' books schools, teachers, families 90 years..
Kidshealth - web' visited site children', Kidshealth #1 -trusted source physician-reviewed information advice children' health parenting issues. The Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office announced that Tacoma Police officers Scott Campbell and Aaron Joseph were justified in the shooting death of Puyallup Tribal member Jacqueline Salyers.

According to a news release issued today by the county Prosecutor’s Office, independent and concurrent investigations were conducted by the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office, Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office and Tacoma Police Department. Salyers, 32 and a mother of four, was in the early stages of pregnancy at the time of her death.
Campbell was within five to 10 feet of the front passenger corner of the vehicle when Salyers started the engine. After the vehicle came to a stop, Wright armed himself with a rifle, crawled over Salyers, who was mortally wounded, and exited the driver’s door. Once backup arrived, officers removed Salyers from the vehicle and moved her to a safer location, where Campbell performed CPR on her until medical aid arrived.
An air unit, K-9 team and SWAT officers conducted a six-hour search for Wright, but they were unable to locate him. A pet’s death presents an opportunity to drive home the point about mortality and its inevitability. Don’t be surprised, therefore, if at a dear one’s death the child asks when the person will return. The first impulse when confronted with the innocent question “How are babies born?” may be to change the subject, distract the child or worse still feed him or her the ‘stork story’.
Children begin to play with their genitalia just as naturally as they play with their fingers or toes. Between the ages of six and eleven, as his horizons widen, the child loses interest in sexual matters. Scolding the child seen playing with his or her genitals induces unhealthy guilt, and insecurity will serve to intensify the habit. The child could become more curious and ‘explore’ the bodies of other children at school, or be preoccupied with his or her own private parts.
Conversely, a child brought up in an environment of openness, warmth, love and laughter will mature into a confident, secure adult. Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist concluded the death was justifiable homicide under state law, which requires a showing of malice to prove an officer acted criminally. At a candlelight vigil for Salyers held on April 30, her family gave the unborn baby the name Justice. He exited and walked toward the driver’s side of the vehicle, while Campbell walked toward the passenger’s side of the vehicle, where Wright was seated.

Four rounds struck the windshield and additional rounds went through the passenger windows as the vehicle travelled quickly by Campbell. The officers briefly chased Wright on foot, but discontinued the pursuit because they were uncertain if Wright was fleeing the area or taking cover with the intent of firing at them.
Scraps of information picked up from classmates could confuse and terrify a child if his parents have not offer him straight information on the issue beforehand. They saw Wright sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle, which was backed into a parking stall. With information that Wright was armed, the officers approached the vehicle with their handguns drawn. Salyers was struck four times, including one fatal shot on the right side of her head above her ear. Inside the vehicle, they located a stolen .45 caliber handgun, as well as several rounds of ammunition. Clark also determined Salyers had morphine (indicative of probable heroin use) and a potentially fatal level of methamphetamine in her system at the time of her death. In the room where Wright was staying, police found several firearms, including an assault rifle. By preparing your child to face loss, you are fortifying him emotionally so he will be better able to cope with the eventuality. Acting on a tip that Wright was sitting in a car with Salyers that night, officers arrived on the scene. In full uniform, both officers ordered Wright and the driver, Salyers, to show their hands. In an attempt to stop the driver from striking him, Campbell fired his gun through the windshield in the direction of the driver.

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