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Are you “The Perfectionist” who is a “close cousin” to the Critic, but is focused on pushing you to do better? Negative self- talk is not easy to change, but with practice and paying attention to what you are saying to yourself, you can improve these self defeating habits. A lot of youth are using drugs and alcohol to cope with problems or to self-medicate mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, and ADD.
You will not tolerate drugs or alcohol because they are harmful and dangerous to your child.

Reid Wilson in his book, Don’t Panic- Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks describes different “subpersonalities” that have a voice in our thoughts and behavior. The difficulty is that you are never good enough, you should be working harder, always be competent and always_________ (fill in with whatever you should be!!!) The perfectionist is unable to accept mistakes or setbacks.  The favorite phrases are “I should”, “I have to” and “I must”. With practice and determination ,you can write down and rehearse positive statements to change your thinking habits. Because you believe your self-talk, it will take some real convincing to challenge these habits.  Try some of the following questions to help you weaken the hold of your negative self-talk.

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