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Healthy People 2010 identified overweight and obesity as 1 of 10 leading health indicators and called for a reduction in the proportion of children and adolescents who are overweight or obese, but the United States has made little progress toward the target goal. Results from the 2007-2008 NHANES, using measured heights and weights, indicate that an estimated 16.9% of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese. NHANES used stratified, multistage, probability samples of the civilian noninstitutionalized U.S. 2 Data for 1963-1965 are for children aged 6-11; data for 1966-1970 are for adolescents aged 12-17, not 12-19 years. NOTE: Obesity defined as body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to sex- and age-specific 95th percentile from the 2000 CDC Growth Charts. Many health problems can directly be linked to obesity and the effects of childhood obesity are too grim and serious to ignore.
UCA Chiropractors are seeing an alarming increase in the number of young people presenting with physical problems more commonly associated with old age, as a result of obesity. Some of the latest research regarding genetics and diet reinforces that old-age notion of you are what you eat.
In association with National Childhood Obesity Week, 01st – 07th July, Chiropractors are highlighting the need for a more holistic health approach to save the current generation from a frightening future. According to official statistics more than 60% of adults and 30% of children aged 2-14 are now overweight or obese. If you have back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, leg pain, shoulder pain we would love to help you.
Wonderful care and treatment providing me with pain relief from carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia, which not only helps me function daily but enables me to enjoy my days free of pain. Now a few months on I visit every 10 days and will be continuing with me treatment for as long as possible.
After only a few visits I was able to stand without pain for more than the original five minutes and now after three months I can walk easier, I am not losing my balance, stand for much longer and am not bent over like I was at the beginning.
I cannot express enough of my gratitude to Dr Luke for the change it has made in my life and the feeling of wellbeing that I am now experiencing. When I started my course my husband also decided to try the treatment as he was having problems with his left leg and neck which at times made it difficult for him to even go upstairs. A COUPLE of weeks ago, when noting a series of slow catastrophes it's probably too late for America to do anything about (gun control, climate change, etc), I forgot one: obesity.
The CDC report has an interesting breakdown by state, based on survey results, which we highlighted yesterday in our daily chart.

The CDC estimates obesity-related health care costs $147 billion per year.I very much doubt America is going to do anything, as a matter of public health policy, that has any appreciable effect on obesity rates in the next couple of decades. Progress toward reducing the national prevalence of overweight and obesity is monitored using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). In NHANES III (1988-1994) there was no significant difference in prevalence between Mexican-American and non-Hispanic white adolescent boys. There are also emotional and psychological consequences that a child suffers by being overweight including bullying and aggression that can lead to issues with self esteem and confidence. When you carry a lot of weight your posture changes, your ability to move through space changes, your biomechanical movement isn’t as good as it should be so all the joints have a lot more pressure on them.
The rise in childhood obesity has coincided with the fall in home cooking with only half of British families sitting down to eat a meal together three times a week or fewer. A Government report [1] recently estimated that obesity will cost the NHS ?6.4 billion per year by 2015. If you did please like our blog, copy and paste the page and share it with your family and friends, like our facebook page GOOGLE PLACES Google Reviews and our LinkedIn and twitter page. Remember……the purpose of chiropractic is to locate and correct areas of the spine that interfere with the normal nervous system control of your body. I can honestly say that I feel she has benefited tremendously from chiropractic in a number of ways; she was a very relaxed and happy baby, not very niggly and started to settle down and sleep through from about 7 weeks. Not only had my back pain virtually gone and migraines stopped but I found that it had done wonders for my indigestion pains which was a surprising added bonus.
The doctor could do nothing for me saying it’s my age (I am over 70 years old) also saying I was depressed and offered pain killers which I didn’t take, being sure this was not the answer, and preferring to work through it. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that 35.7% of Americans are now obese, notes Aaron Carroll in a blog post pithily entitled "My God, we're obese". It's not that it's impossible for governments to hold down obesity; France, which had rapidly rising childhood obesity early this century, instituted an aggressive set of public-health interventions including school-based food and exercise shifts, nurse assessments of overweight kids, visits to families where overweight kids were identified, and so forth.
Between 1999-2000 and 2007-2008, there was no significant trend in obesity prevalence for any age group. Based on current recommendations of expert committees, children with BMI values at or above the 95th percentile of the sex-specific BMI growth charts are categorized as obese. A household interview and a physical examination were conducted for each survey participant. This extra pressure may lead to medial knee pain; hip and lower back pain, a rounding of the shoulders and migraines (see picutre below).

It is not too late to change your child’s unhealthy habits and our goal is to encourage healthy behaviour for the entire family. Because the intervertebral discs are so close to the spinal cord and nerve roots, disc involvement is common in chiropractic cases. America has been the fattest country in the world since the start of the OECD's comparative statistics tables, and there's no reason to think that's changed, though Mexico is giving us a run for our money lately. This is different from previous years where children above this cutoff were labeled overweight. During the physical examination, conducted in a mobile examination center, height and weight were measured as part of a more comprehensive set of body measurements.
Spinal adjustments help to restore correct motion and position of the misaligned spinal bones and if caught before permanent damage occurs, disc tissue often returns to a more normal size and shape. States like Colorado, California, Massachussetts and New York have rates in the low 20s; states like Mississippi, Texas, Michigan and West Virginia have rates in the 30s. This change in terminology reflects the labels used by organizations such as the Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Pediatrics. These measurements were taken by trained health technicians, using standardized measuring procedures and equipment. But it's become increasingly clear over the past decade that the country simply doesn't have the political vocabulary that would allow it to institute effective national programmes to improve eating and exercise habits or culture. Observations for persons missing a valid height or weight measurement or for pregnant females were not included in the data analysis. A country that can't think of a vision of public life beyond freedom of individual choice, including the individual choice to watch TV and eat a Big Mac, is not going to be able to craft public policies that encourage people to exercise and eat right. Perhaps federalism will allow some further progress on a state-by-state basis in those states whose political ideologies facilitate action on this front.
Although this cutpoint is not diagnostic, elevated BMI among children indicates increased risk for future adverse health outcomes or development of disease.

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