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Check the Events page for upcoming workshops in your area, or contact me to book me for your parenting group! Many parents are uncomfortable talking to their kids about their bodies, sex and sexuality. This workshop can be tailored to parent groups of similar aged children, or can be given as a broader workshop that brings parents of all aged youth together to discuss strategies for opening the doors of honest communication. Childhood and adolescence are designed to give our youth the time and space they need to learn, grow and become fully functional adults. This workshop helps parents to understand adolescent risk taking behavior as a normal, natural and even healthy part of youth development.
How do you help support your kids and guide them back to healthy choices after they step off that path?

This interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to feel confident talking to your kids, even about the hard stuff.
TestimonialsWhat I love most about Bree's editing style is that rather than write for me, she has a natural ability to bring out my best writer-self. I thought you were going to be another uncomfortable adult trying to talk to teens about sex.
Come to this interactive workshop and get the tools you need to help your kids feel comfortable and stay safe.
Risk-taking behavior is a common part of this process as our youth experiment and explore their world, their limits and their boundaries. It helps parents to find ways to set healthy, supportive boundaries for youthful risk taking and exploration, focusing on opening the doors of communication rather than on banning or forbidding behaviors, which ultimately cuts parents off from their children and leaves youth feeling more confused and isolated in their times of greatest need.

You’ll get the skills to help them recover from mistakes and get back to making healthy choices.
The Big Picture ideas are right on the money and the line by line editing certainly improves the quality of the prose.
No one has ever told me that sex is normal, natural, healthy or that it's supposed to feel good.

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