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When we apply this hypothesis to the learning of a second language, there is some evidence to support it but only insofar that it is recognized that learners who are past puberty rarely achieve an accent that is as good as a ‘native’ speaker.  After the age of eight, a very high standard could be achieved but with enough errors to set the speaker aside from a native one.
If one or both of the parents are bilingual, then you have the perfect teaching arena.  The rest of this article will be helpful for you but here are some tips that are specific to bilingual households. When you’re teaching your child a new word for something, teach them two – one in each language.  To be able to do this successfully and to keep a steady rate of learning, you would need to know the word in the second language, so this is more applicable to bilingual parents.  Unless you are prepared to do a lot of homework! Narration is the chosen method of assessment until our young adults begin taking CLEP tests in high school. Even if the child can already read, teach reading writing, and spelling with Alpha-Phonics (or How to Tutor) and Achieving Perfect Handwriting.
If the pace of AlphaPhonics is too fast or the child needs more practice before going on, Explode the Code 1-8 might be added for more practice.
Draw Write Now 4-8 (If your child didna€™t use 1-4 during Year 0, they should start with book 1. If the child is learning perfection in penmanship, drawing lessons will help with that immensely. Because some families do not care for the Andrew Lang Fairy Books, the following have been included as delightful alternatives. A few weeks before the beginning of each new school year my heart beats a little faster and the excitement builds. Whether you are looking for a stroller, crib, baby bedding or diapers you will find everything you need at Amazon's one stop online shop.
Mother may need to read many of the books aloud or read with the child switching back and forth between paragraphs. When errors are made, immediately show the correct spelling and ask the child to study this word with your written model as directed in the MELL appendix for spelling. A less teacher intensive approach, Right Start Math Games, Activities for AL Abucus +worksheet book, and Kumon Math workbooks provides concrete to conceptual manipulative with rote arithmetic learning system--this is what I used to tutor many struggling children and youth, as it encompasses right and left brains. Some mothers are feeling guilt about not getting to every single thing all the way to the end.
We want our children to really learn what they are studying and gain skills for the future. As we journeyed through our home school years, I learned to lighten up and ask myself if my children were learning. Since I learned a long time ago that putting stuff like this on paper gets it out of my worrying head, I like to schedule the whole year out ahead of time. Each Sunday night or Monday morning, I look at our calendar and think about the different children, consider illness, my monthly cycle schedule, and other mitigating factors. I re-study Proverbs 31, 1 Corinthians 13, and some of my favorite teaching passages from Mason, Montessori, and Suzuki.

Be patient with the learning to read process, since it is the single most important step in a real education.
Narration is simply telling back what is read; until age 9 or 10 it is orally dictated to Mother. I once tutored a developmentally delayed 12-year-old girl simultaneously with a slightly delayed 13-year-old young man.
Since studying to be a Kumon instructor and Montessori teacher, I understand the wisdom in combining these right and left brain methods.
If we are always dragging the children through every book on the list to satisfy an imaginary deadline or an imaginary dictator, will they see education as a chore that must be finished or an excellent thing to pursue? Once again if Mother is being a drill-sergeant instead of a firm, kind encourager, she may not be building the type of relationship with her child that she wants for the long run.
When I say this, I mean that we only need to answer to our own ideals or goals or what have you.
Sure some days will not go as well as other days, but to spend our time re-making or second guessing our decisions again and again is a sure ticket to anxiety. I wona€™t brag about the cool schoolrooms of my past, because quite frankly, our studying is just as successful at the dining room table, on the floor, or on the couch. Reminding me of my eternal and earthly goals, these resources serve to bring an element of peace to my anxious mind.
To prevent a possible learning disability, never send messages that give the child the idea that he is not doing well enough or is a little slow.
Sometimes she records these in writing for the child to illustrate and copy (after perfect penmanship is achieved).
Au contraire mon ami, after leaving college most information is learned by reading manuals and books and so forth--that is unless you allow TV documentary propagandists to spoon feed you revisionist history and psuedo-science. I forgot about MCPPR until one five-year-old grandson refused to read BB; he said they were stupid. But when there is no separate room, things can get to be quite a mess without some basic organization, habits, and rules.
So about a week before we intend to have our first official day of a€?school,a€? I begin getting everyone up 5 min. Instead say, a€?Oh, Susie is so smart, she can do ___ so well.a€? Do a lot of concert reading until the child is very comfortable reading however long it takes. We by-pass the need for lecturing by teaching our children to be independent readers even if we all read together, round-robin style to facilitate group discussions. When a child concludes AP, he is well on his way to being a good speller with an excellent hand not to mention an excellent reader. Knowing and applying all the rules (and exceptions) to the phonetic code, a person of any age can only improve their reading and spelling.

It is better to learn a little bit of a variety of things really well than a whole lot of things in a vague sort of way.
Only after completing AP should the child begin formal dictation or copywork found in BlastOff and MELL. To make sure the young man really was getting it, we did lots of narrations of the Year 1 books he read as well as all the Beyond the Code books. To bring joyfulness into the study of math for these two children, I added Life of Fred and Math Lessons for a Living Education.
While perfect execution is part of our goal, we want to achieve it through calmness and kindness not worry and strife.
If you decide that 29 chapters of history instead of 32 is enough for your school year, so be it.
Do we live in such a way that a son or a daughter may say, a€?I want to follow my dad,a€? or a€?I want to be like my mothera€?? Now I suggest RS OR MLLE as the core with Kumon Math workbooks as a memorization tool and LOF as a read aloud resource or part of the youngstera€™s independent reading schedule. Although we do not want to emulate the public schools or make excuses, we should remember a few examples from our old public school teachers. Unlike the book on the library shelf, the covers of which shield the contents, our lives cannot be closed. I've been incorporating them into my tutoring sessions with older youngsters with AlphaPhonics. However slowly it takes to acquire, the skill develops in the child a concise articulation not found in children who do work books and multiple choice quizzes for assessment. Bringing their box into the dining room each morning, the children each kept their box in their bedroom closet.
Because we ask them to tell back the interesting and important parts of each reading, narration negates this problem. In only a few months, an average child of 4-6 or remedial older child can get through all the various levels in the set and AP.
Montessori type equipment is stored on shelves in the childrena€™s rooms, dining room, or in a nearby closet. Not only will this child eventually be a better writer and thinker because of narration, he will be a great public speaker and conversationalist, skills highly lacking in US youth.

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