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If you are joining us for the first time, I encourage you to first read Play to Write-Write to Read: Week 1.
Encourage your child to trace the lines (use this Handwriting Without Tears printout to teach your child the correct letter formation). Kristina- I loved your round-up I actually just saw it today and thought it was ironic because I posted the Play to Write-Write to Read Series post on Teaching Name Writing today also! We teach Japanese and Okinawan Karate (kah-rah-tay), our style is a€?Shotokana€? (show-tow-kahn). Karate-do (kah-rah-tay-doh) is an ancient form of martial arts originating from Okinawa & Japan. A very a€?basica€? explanation is that Tae Kwon Do uses 85-90% kicks and only 10-15% hand techniques.
Like many higher educational institutions, our membership programs are goal oriented with a graduation process. Our policy is your safety; therefore all purchases of sparring gear must be purchased through our academy. You may attend another class at your own level, on another day by asking permission from your instructor to make sure there is room for you to attend the desired class time. From time to time we may recommend for you or your child to take a private lesson with one of our instructors.
Research has shown that children learn easier from someone that is almost their own size and will have better perspective on the techniques when they look across, rather than looking up. Yes, we observe all federal holidays and a few religious holidays throughout the year including: Labor day, Veterana€™s day, Memorial day, 4th of July, Easter (3 days), Thanksgiving (3 Days), Christmas Break (2 a€“ 3 weeks), End of Ramadhan (3 days), Washingtona€™s day, Columbus day and Martin Luther King day. Black belt students are a rare breed of individuals, whom after much dedication and practice have earned the rank of black belt.
Our family Karate classes allow parents or guardians alike to participate in the growth and activities of their children. Black belt students are a rare breed of individuals, whom after much dedication and practice have earned the rank of black belt.A  If a student reaches the level of 1st or 2nd degree black belt before the age of 16, they will be awarded a junior black belt.
Mommy, I promise to never ask you to drop me off a block away from my destination and pretend we don’t know each other. Mommy, you shouldn’t feel guilty about checking your email, updating your Facebook status, tweeting, or playing Words With Friends while only half paying attention to me.
Mommy, I’ve learned that you are never wrong, which is why I will listen intently to all your advice and never claim to know better.
When I have a tantrum over a candy, toy, pet, random thing that in no way seems like something a child would want … I’m utterly impressed when you don’t give in! Mommy, I know there are children starving, which is why I am going to eat this broccoli with total love and thankfulness in my heart … and a smile on my face and then I will have seconds.
This entry was posted in parenting and tagged best gift, funny, humor, mothers day, mothers day 2014, parody on May 6, 2014 by Jenny from the blog. I am so excited that you all enjoyed making the Sensory Gel Writing Pads and the best part being that your little ones loved them!

Hold their hand for the first few times so they get the feel for how the correct movement feels. Rainbow Words writing strategy is having your child use the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (blue), violet (purple)) to trace their name repeatedly with the rainbow colors. Write your child’s name again underneath the others, leave out the first and second letter. I'm a follower of Jesus, wife, mama of two toddler boys and a baby girl, teacher at heart, and coffee lover.
For proper Karate etiquette, please address them by their title followed by their first name.
When a student enrolls, they do so based on seeking to graduate or achieve a specific rank or skill level within a certain time period. You may attend as many classes as you wish, so long as they are in your own class level with permission of your instructor.
Concurrently, we have researched and experimented with all the sparring equipment that is available in the market and choose only the safest and highest quality.
Being late disrupts the class and causes delays, which also breaks the rhythm and focus of other students especially the younger ones.
Whether you need to catch up on your classes, work on that special technique or get ready for a belt test, they are definitely a great way to get extra training. Physical, mental, and spiritual development required to achieve a valid black belt from our school requires an average of three to five years of training. As for adults, working with different instructors from time to time enables them gain a better overall perspective of what is being taught.
Competing is one of the best tools available to help us examine our weaknesses, showcase our talents and most importantly realizing that by doing our best; we have already won. Remember, our main goal is correct martial arts training, along with physical, mental and spiritual development. Although some schools promote such movements, they dona€™t have any place in realistic training.
It is a physical gesture of peace, respect and humility that should be practiced by all students of the martial arts.
This is a great way to get involved with your child in a positive way and create an extra bonding experience that many parents and children do not have. When a student enrolls, they do so based on seeking to graduate or achieve a specific rank or skill level within a certain time period.A  Once a student reaches their goal, they move up to the next level.
Concurrently, we have researched and experimented with all the sparring equipment that is available in the market and choose only the safest and highest quality.A  As such, we only allow equipment that is best proven to protect you. Once they turn 16 years of age, they may apply to test for their official Adult ranking in order to be eligible for the title of a€?Senseia€?. There’s no bonding time that could surpass the bond of a joint trip to say, Costco, we will bond in bulk.
You are my bestie and I want the world to know it, that’s why I got you this Best Friends charm (pick your half).

Depending on how you are teaching your child their letters, you have the option of using a printout of their name in all capitals or in upper and lower case letters. This is a great name practice game to play on the go when, or when you need a quick activity to keep your child occupied. I agree that it is important to teach your child how to write using both upper and lower case as they will in school!
In my "free" time I love to cook and create.Cheerios and Lattes is place for us to share our "little blessings" with you and your family. However, in overall depth of knowledge, authenticity, scientific approach and realistic application of technique, Shotokan may be considered superior to other various martial arts due to its extensive and applicable arsenal of movements which include: punching, striking, kicking, joint locks, leg sweeps, take-downs and some basic grappling.
To date, no student has been seriously injured on our premises, from activities offered here. If you are on the way and must be late, please call the academy to notify Shihan or Sensei that you are on the way.
YOUR ONLY GOAL SHOULD BE TO IMPROVE YOURSELF, BELTS WILL COME but remember, NOT everyone passes their test every time. Additionally, regular attendance, attending special seminars, private lessons, special abilities, and diligence in practice play important roles.
You will also meet a lot of wonderful people through competition that you wouldna€™t have otherwise. This will also be great to hold us all accountable to one another to actually follow through… don’t we all need a little of that!? Their attention span will most likely not allow them to complete the activity with all the colors in the correct order. In fact, many consider Shotokan to be one of the first traditional Japanese mixed martial arts of its own due to centuries of adaptation of many techniques found in Judo and Jiu Jutsu and the adaptation of many KATA from older styles of karate. That is determined by your instructor he will tell you when he thinks you may begin to spar. When the time is right, your instructor will introduce you to the competition part of karate as well. Even though Karate and gymnastics may compliment each other, they are separate activities and we do not believe that they should be mixed. In our experience, children tend to step up to higher levels of performance when their parents are close by or watching.
The main purpose of training in karate is to develop mental and physical strength along with respect, honor, humility, fortitude, and proper knowledge of self-defense. You may need to give them a picture of the rainbow to help guide them with the color order.
I will now waste an hour picking a wall full of them realize you have to pay 4.99 each (though you get it back with your first purchase) and debate over whether I should just buy them to stop the feeling of guilt I have for having spent so much time deciding which ones I must have.

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