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Our online Quran courses for kids include Quran recitation course, Quran Tajweed course, Basic Arabic Grammar course and Dua memorization course. In Quran recitation course for children we enable children to learn Quran with proper recitation.
Online Holy Quran Tajweed course for kids provides opportunity to learn Quran with proper Tajweed rules.
Quran was revealed in Arabic language and one can have better understanding of Quran when they learn the Arabic language Grammar. Dua memorization course for children is a unique course in which children can learn the Daily Dua's and Adhkar in Arabic along with there translation.

At The Women Quran School, we provide the convenience to learn Quran for kids by providing Quran Courses for kids.
Your Mosque can be far and you face difficulty in driving kids to the Mosque for Quran learning.
If your child is a beginner then we will start from basic Quran Qaida then when the child is able to understand the Arabic letters and word formation then we will proceed with proper Quran learning.
After attending our online Quran Tajweed classes, boys and girls will be able to pronounce each Arabic letter correctly with its attributes such as prolongation (Madd), conversion (Iqlab), pause (Waqaf), merging (Idgham) etc. At The Women Quran School, we provide children this opportunity to learn the language of Holy Quran.

Enable your children to learn Masnoon Supplications, so they can read them on every occasion. The contents of our online Dua memorization course include Masnoon Dua's from Holy Quran and Hadith.

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