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Heather Gray gives parents clear and actionable advice for bringing up children that show respect to others. Kids will start to learn respectful ways of moving through the world before they can even talk. After interactions with others, share with kids why you did what you did and what prompted your choices. Teaching by example means turning kids toward the direction of what you want them to learn. After, try asking them if they have questions about you did.  Maybe ask what they might have said to a cashier who was clearly having a long day.
Modeling, prompts, directions, and teaching are all important components of teaching respect. I think this is where a lot of parents struggle.  How do we teach kids that using a polite tone is important by grounding them?  Is there any value from having them re-do a scenario over showing more respect?  How do you manage situations where you are hearing about your child’s behavior second-hand? Disrespect causes rifts, distance, and conflicts.  When we choose disrespect, our needs will often go unmet. These are all natural consequences to disrespectful behavior and what you should be focusing on at times when your child chooses to be disrespectful.
Pay attention to the behavior your child chose.  Which relationships did it impact and how?
Example: If you ask your kids to do a favor for you and you are met with a sigh of resistance, teeth sucking, and a sarcastic comment, your first instinct may be to raise your voice, reprimand, and scold.
It’s in the teaching of the effect that disrespectful behavior has on kids that will teach the lesson. Sure, we all wish kids could be altruistic and pleasant about chores simply because we’ve asked.
Consistently holding privileges and favors from kids when they choose to move through the world disrespectfully teaches them interdependence…they learn that their actions and inactions impact others and if they want their needs met, they have to respect that relationship. Master these three things CONSISTENTLY and you’ll get closer to raising a more respectful child.
Well, you are halfway there…the philosophy behind Radical Unschooling will get you farther. Two Simple (And Essential) Questions That Made Me See The World More Like An EntrepreneurSome are born with an entrepreneurial mindset.
What if Young People Designed Their Own Learning?Imagine a school with no year levels or set curriculum – could it work?

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Singapore parenting magazine – theAsianparent helps Asian mothers and fathers raise happy and confident kids. Children love to help, even if they're not fully capable of completing the full task at hand. Though they may not be able to do much, there should be some age-appropriate chores that they are allowed to do around the house so that they would be able to learn.
This teaches him to be polite and to be courteous, whether it's towards the waiter or his family members. Assign him the role of setting up the tables by placing the forks and spoons at the appropriate locations. It doesn't have to be spick and span, but you could guide him as you teach him how to arrange his desk neatly, or even how to put his books in order. If your child packs his lunch to school, there is no harm in teaching him how to pack his food (either by placing it into the Ziplock bag, or into the lunch box, and then into his schoolbag). He does not have to use the broom and dustpan that are too big to handle, but instead, get him to use the mini ones. You could teach your child to sort the coloured from the whites, and when the clothes have been washed, to help turn the clothes back to the right side. Be patient when it comes to teaching your children some of these chores, as some may not get the hang of it so fast. Red and yellow, black and white--We’re all the same with red blood coursing through our veins. That’s because the key to raising respectful kids is easy in theory and challenging in execution.

They will do so by watching and learning from you. How you talk to family, friends, and others in the community will impact how your child does. They don’t just learn ways of moving through the world when parents are on their best behavior. You don’t put a child in front of you while you walk through life and hope they learn what they need to.
For example: your example using the teen and the dirty room modeled shaming and guilt and sadly a consequence.
How Will You Use Your Powers for Good?The Good Men Project Community talks with Publisher and CEO, Lisa Hickey, about how to create social change without being overwhelmed. They love to feel needed and responsible, and we as parents should guide this attitude to cultivate and groom them into responsible adults. Task your child to sweep up certain areas of the house, like the sofa area or even under the dining room table! However, with a few rounds of practice, we're sure that they're bound to surprise you with their efficiency and their enthusiasm for helping around the house! They are watching: how you manage frustration and difficult feelings, how you talk to sales and service people, how you manage conflicts. Forget the dirty room and focus on building a better relationship with your kid always, and who cares about YOUR expectations. It’s certainly not something that can be brushed over easily with some flippant little meme. The times in life when we are tested are the very times kids are perking up and tuning in to what we do and how we handle things. They went to school, landed the job, and climbed the ladder but the view from the top wasn't what they thought it would be and success doesn't feel as great as they'd imagined. Heather is an executive coach and therapist with 16 years experience, an author and Lead Editor for The Good Men Project, and is an avid football fan.
She helps successful people choose happiness by helping them find the missing piece that's the key to having it all--success and happiness.

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