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One great investment that all parents can make is in the financial education of their children.
Studies have linked structured financial education early in life to lower materialism, lower compulsive buying, healthy financial risk tolerance, high future orientation and high self-efficacy.
The best advice is simple, and can be followed even by parents who aren’t financial mavens.
I just want to thank you for resources like this to be a support and guide to what we are doing in homeschooling during preschool, thank you!! I just want to say THANK YOU for all the work you put in to creative, clever, useful and well-thought-out resources to post! Thank you so much for sharing this, you have no idea how useful it is going to be since we are debating to put my daughter in Knder this year or wait until next year. I’m sure someone already pointed this out but you have cutting with safe scissors twice. Also, they need to know there are times they don’t get the choice to say no or to do something else. I just read both of your lists and these are age appropriate skills that 4 and 5 year olds should possess. Also putting their own clothes on, socks, shoes, buttons, snaps, and zippers, hats and gloves! Getting your son or daughter reading early is the best way you can prepare them for kindergarten.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Often, the best way to teach communication is to model what you want your child to be doing.
Demonstrate how turns are taken within a conversation, rather than speaking at the same time or interrupting others. If you wish to take on a more direct form of teaching your child strong communication skills, start with the most concrete skills – body language.
Katie Devore, MA, CCC-SLPKatie Devore, MA, CCC-SLP is a pediatric speech-language pathologist with experience providing clinical services to children and young adults in an outpatient clinical setting.

Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. I have followed you from your blog’s beginnings and have referred so many friends and moms here. I am a public school teacher and I am *stressed* thinking about my son (now 3yrs) going into the public school system. As a mom to two little ones who want them prepared for kindergarten one day—this is very much appreciated! Thanks for the list it’s a great way to check where we are against where we can get to. This is something that is stressed so much around where I live and I find it to be too much pressure on the parents to try to keep up with everyone else. My son will start kindergarten in August, and with my hubby and I both working and unable to afford daycare, I am constantly thinking if he will be ready.
Some kindergarteners have lots of trouble being very hungry the 1st few weeks because they have always eaten home alone with no distractions! Getting their own coat, gloves, and hat on in the winter and how to hang all these things up when they come off is wonderful! When a conversation partner demonstrates appropriate body language, he or she is demonstrating that the conversation is important to them and that they are listening.
Katie earned her Masters of Arts in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences from the University of Iowa. May I suggest adding something about asking questions to the social or language development category? Moms and dads, it’s ok if your kids don’t know all their abs before they start kindergarten!
As a music teacher, I see many students that are not comfortable with a singing voice or that do not sing around the home and therefor struggle to find their own voice. My only suggestion for things to add would be to teach them how to open their ziplock sandwich bags, and practice eating lunch with them out of a lunchbox. 1 teacher with 20+ kids isnt able to put the straw in all their juice boxes or open everything in their lunches! It’s easy for mom to just do it because its fast and easy, but the class would never get outside if the teacher had to dress every child!

Often the people who are classified as strong communicators are the people that are not only good at expressing their own thoughts and ideas, but those who are even better at being a good listener.
Previously, Katie attended Augustana College receiving an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I think having your resource will serve as a great reminder to keep the focus on connecting and having fun with my child.
I have found that a couple of my preschoolers have trouble asking me about the subject we are talking about. In addition to the benefits of a music education in later years, learning this simple skill early on will allow them to benefit from singing as a form of expression from which to choose. Often times in full day programs kids are not used to this routine, so having lunch from a lunch box a few times at home and having to open it all by themselves is a great learning experience! That being said, the only thing I can see from that list that might be challenging for parents who keep their kids at home is teaching them how to try to resolve conflicts with other children. Teach them to open packages of crackers and granola bars, open straws and put them in their drinks.
Although developing your own communication skills takes time, there are ways that as parents or caregivers you can help your child on his or her own way to being a strong communicator.
While completing her graduate program, Katie’s education and clinical work had an emphasis on child language and speech disorders, specifically autism spectrum disorder. Once a child has mastered these basic communication skills, higher level skills can be built off of this foundation. I think having the child come up with a question, also helps them make friends, concentrate on the task, and is great for creative play. Her clinical externships involved providing speech-language therapy to both adults and children in an outpatient setting.

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