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Michele Borboa, MS is a freelance writer and editor specializing in health, fitness, food, lifestyle, and pets. Though the incidence of breast cancer in teenage girls is small, it is never too early to teach your young daughter about breast health and breast cancer prevention, especially if you have a family history of the disease. Your daughter looks to you for guidance -- even if she would never admit it -- and if she sees you taking care of your breasts, it will encourage her to take of hers.
The way you approach your daughter about breast cancer will influence her thoughts and feelings about the disease. According to Brown, the incidence of breast cancer in teen girls is so small -- just a few cases a year -- that it isn't often reported in the national statistics. Breast awareness is a key in preventing breast cancer as well as catching it early enough for successful treatment. Brown says your daughter should expect breast changes throughout her teen years and into young adulthood, and to be aware of any changes that don't affect both breasts. Encourage your daughter to be aware of her breasts and to let you know if there is a persistent change in her breasts that is asymmetrical or just doesn't feel right. Let your daughter's doctor know if you have a family history of breast cancer, and discuss risk factors and prevention with your daughter. Teach your daughter about making healthful lifestyle choices that will reduce the risk of breast cancer. Encourage her to learn more about breast cancer so it will seem less frightening and give her the ability to help support friends or family who have the disease. Steer your daughter toward books and quality websites that provide accurate information on breast health and breast cancer prevention strategies such as regular doctor visits, breast self exams and risk factor reduction. While breast cancer still has no cure, education and early detection programs continue to be some of the strongest defenses against the disease. You and your daughter can learn more about breast cancer and help spread awareness by getting involved in the Know Your Girls campaign.

When you take the pledge, you will help raise money for the Susan G Komen for the Cure to continue research on breast cancer prevention, causes and treatments.
Teaching your daughter about breast health and breast cancer prevention can help spread awareness throughout her network of friends and quite possibly decrease her generation's risk of breast cancer.
One of the essential lessons you should teach your daughter is that she must value herself. Explain to your daughter that she doesn’t have to buy in to the message that looks are all for a woman. Teaching your daughter how to do DIY is very essential and useful, since she will be able to cope with car repairs and basic household. Michele is a health and wellness expert, personal chef, cookbook author, and pet-lover based in Bozeman, Montana. Here are some helpful tips on how to talk to your daughter about breast health, along with information about a new breast cancer awareness initiative from Yoplait. Making breast cancer a comfortable topic of conversation can also raise your daughter's awareness and curiosity to learn more. You certainly don't want to bring up breast cancer in a way that keeps your daughter up at night worrying that she has it, particularly given that teen girls rarely get breast cancer. The breast health expert suggests sensibly talking about breast cancer to make it less frightening and to empower your daughter to be proactive about her breast health. Your daughter should get to know her breasts now and be aware of the natural changes that will occur as she matures. Young breasts have a greater proportion of breast tissue compared to fat, making them feel very dense. To that end, Yoplait has launched Know Your Girls, an initiative to encourage women to learn what is normal for their own breasts and to talk to their doctors about any changes. Joining the Know Your Girls initiative also allows you to share information and encouragement with your friends to pledge, too.

These girls find fault with every part of their body and their negative body image can affect their entire life. Be sure to teach your daughter how to cook, so that she can prepare a healthy meal and avoid prepared meals.
One of the most important things is to teach your daughter to be confident and independent. Her most well-known work is The Joy Luck Club, which has been translated into 35 languages.
As your daughter gets older, her breasts will soften and feel looser, especially during and after pregnancy. Yoplait, which has raised more than $22 million for the breast cancer cause over the past 11 years with programs such as Save Lids to Save Lives, is targeting young women with Know Your Girls, because it is never too early to learn how to maintain breast health.
Teach your daughter that she must be happy with what she has and show her how to feel confident about her looks.
You should also teach your daughter that she must only have a relationship with a man when she’s completely ready, and she shouldn’t send revealing pics of herself to anyone. Most adults expect their parents to subsidize them, so explain to your daughter that it’s wrong. Sure, you might want to help her out, especially if she hits difficult times, but teach her independence.

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