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1) If your dog thinks that they are the ‘alpha’ of the ‘pack’ they will refuse a submissive position such as lie down.
First is to have your dog sit.  Once they are sitting, stand about two feet in front of your dog and face them.
Be patient when you are first teaching this because your dog does not know what you are asking of them so it may take some time. Have your dog sitting on your left, reach over your dog, lift up their left paw, gently pull it forward and position them into a ‘down’.  Either that or you can try taking one paw in each hand and gently putting them into the ‘down’ position while repeating the command ‘down’. If you've ever had a dog that eats anything and everything he finds, the drop it command can be a lifesaver if you find he has scooped up something unsavory or flat-out dangerous. This is a great trick for making a dog stop in midstride (click on the photo above to see a video). Stopping a dog from barking and jumping to put the leash on and go for a walk can be challenging with an energetic canine. Stopping a dog from barking and jumping usually requires a lot of patience and consistency from you.
To teach your hound to be quiet and calm before going for a walk, you will do a kind of "dance" (which I like to call The Dance of the Dog Leash). Return from Stopping a dog from barking and Jumping to Stop Barking Main page.Return from Stopping a dog from barking and Jumping to Home page.
Move a short distance away from your dog, while still holding your hand and telling your dog to stay. Make your dog sit by gently moving him back into the sitting position if he tries to get up. Your dog may try a bunch of different things in an attempt to try to figure out what you are asking of them.  As soon as they ‘down’ give tons of praise and be sure to say ’good down’, then release them and let them have the treat or toy. Once your dog knows what ‘down’ means you will only say it one time.  Again, physically touching your dog while teaching them something can be very distracting, so be careful that you are not setting them up for failure. After all, knowing that your dog will return to your side without fail in any situation is a big part of ensuring he will be safe. Many dogs have trouble with the notion of ignoring something that may be just so very tempting. If your pooch jumps on you and barks as you try to hook his leash to go for a walk you will find here solutions to solve this dog jumping problem.The key is to teach your canine friend self-control with different exercises and in different environments. It is necessary to convey to your hound that to get the leash on and go for a walk he needs to calm down!The first thing you need to understand is that your pooch is simply too happy to stay still. If your dog is sitting you will get closer, slowly, to attach the leash, if he breaks the sit you will put the leash back in the rack and walk away!

Practice them daily for great results:1- When you feed your hound do not just put his bowl down freely.
Why bother fighting against that compulsion to say a name when needing your dog's attention? Streets and the traffic on them are human inventions, and probably seem arbitrary to a dog. You can be strict about it, making the heel command one where your dog must walk right up next to you with his head even with your leg, as is the rule in obedience classes. But we don't have to be as extreme as that in understanding why passing up food from strangers is a smart trick for your dog to learn.
With lots of practice your pet will look at you calmly for permission.3- Learn how to train a reliable dog command.
Whether it's to keep Fido from being hit by a car or getting into a fight, these 12 tricks are intended as building blocks, steps toward an obedient and therefore safe dog. And this can be a truly lifesaving command if you need a dog to stay put when there is car traffic or anything happening where a dog moving around could mean he gets injured. When a dog is distracted, or knows that you are much more boring than whatever trouble he is getting into, then getting him to come when called is a challenge. But if it works for us to say the name, we need to make sure it works for the dog to hear his name. But even if your dog doesn't know that streets are dangerous, he can learn that the spot where a street and sidewalk meet is a place where treats are earned.
Or you can make it a little less stringent, with the dog knowing he just has to walk by your side until told otherwise. I often use this with my dog when we're walking past a flock of pigeons on the city street.
Happiness and excitement are wonderful emotions, we just need to teach your furry friend to express them in a relaxed way.
This article outlines everything you need to know to teach your hound to respond to you even with distractions!4- Teach your pet to "Settle" on command.
Not every trick will be necessary for your particular pooch and you might have your own customized tricks created to keep your dog safe — after all our dogs are individuals and our relationships with them are multi-layered. There are different ways to approach it, depending on a dog's personality, but the best way to make sure your dog beelines back to you when you call is to give him the most amazing treat he can possibly imagine every time he comes back to your side. Teaching a dog to love his name sets the foundation for everything else in your relationship as it creates a level of trust as well as willingness to learn more tricks.
Bonus: This is a great foundational command for teaching your dog other fun tricks like balancing treats on his nose or even as part of the process to train him not to jump on people.

This command is also excellent for reminding your dog that possessiveness is not a positive personality trait.
It can be all too much temptation for him and, if left to stare at the birds too long, will bolt out even into the street to chase them up. This is very easy to do if you are consistent about rewarding your pet every time you see him relaxed.Leave us your comments below! Use a leash to guarantee control and then back away, keeping constant eye contact with your dog.
But these top 12 tricks are a great place to start picking and choosing what is needed to create a safety net of good behavior for you and your dog.
Whether it is rotisserie chicken, or liver baby food, or tripe, make sure he only gets that treat when he hears, and obey, the recall command. By teaching a dog to automatically sit when he reaches a curb, you'll lower the chances that he will trot into the street when a car is coming. It comes in handy as our equivalent of holding hands across the street when he is off-leash and there are too many cars around.
You will notice that during one training session, your hound will start to stay on a sitting position longer and longer as you approach with the leash. For instance, if a dog is reactive to other dogs while on leash and his attention begins to zero in on a dog walking toward you on the street, you can say your dog's name to bring his attention back to you.
Keep in mind, though, that this is a tough trick for a dog to learn, and one you may have to work at for a long time. Here's a great video about getting a rocket recall with an example of exactly why it is so important for your dog to come back to you no matter what else is happening. Since my dog is fearful of strangers, I have encouraged the idea that humans (even strangers) are walking treat dispensers.
I recommend you start training The Dance of the Dog Leash on a day you have plenty of time. You avoid conflict, and you etch away at that reactivity since your dog will realize that keeping his attention on you is much more rewarding than getting freaked out by that strange dog ahead. You now have an invaluable tool that can be used in situations from busy streets to chaotic dog parks to finding a dog that has wandered off out of sight.

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