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Our MissionAt Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital, our mission is to celebrate the incredible bond between you and your pet. Ever since Fe tore his achey breaky ACL, we’ve been looking for ways not just to help him heal, but to keep him from over using his hurt leg.
First, they’re made of solid wood, which means that aside from being quite sturdy, they can be sanded down and stained or painted in a colour more suited to my decor. Bait the steps with treats. Once Felix stopped flinching every time he saw the steps, we took it one step further, placing a treat on each step and waiting. Practice makes perfect. For a few minutes, a couple times a day, we would work on climbing the stairs. I’ve got a simple, awesome DIY project planned to fancy the Solvit Pet Stairs stairs up a notch and make them the perfect addition to our living room. Before Gryphon left us last fall, I ordered every kind of pet stairs available, including those Solvit ones.
I’m always so happy to hear about pet people making adjustments to make sure their pets are happy and healthy! When physics professor Chad Orzel went to the pound to adopt a dog, he never imagined Emmy. With great humor and clarity, Chad Orzel explains to Emmy, and to human readers, just what quantum mechanics is and how it works?and why, although you can?t use it to catch squirrels or eat steak, it?s still bizarre, amazing, and important to every dog and human. Very often a family dog ends up being the children's best friend and they love spending loads of time together. Younger kids can teach a family dog some great tricks too, however, no child under the ages of seven or eight should ever be left unsupervised with a dog, no matter how kind they happen to be. Teaching kids to call a family dog is a great way of making sure your pet respects the children. You should only repeat this 4 or 5 times and together with your child repeat the process several times a week. One of the greatest tricks a child can teach a family dog to do is fetch their leads when it's time to go out for a walk! As soon as your dog picks their lead up, your child has to reward them with lots of praise and a favourite healthy treat.
For our second New Year’s Resolution Post we discussed clipping your dogs nails regularly. When Indiana was a puppy our trainer told the class that for those who were scared to use a nail clipper or their dogs had black nails and they worried about cutting them she told us about a method where the dog does the work. Getting your dog to trim their back nails is a little bit more difficult though I have read that if your dog likes to throw dirt or leaves over their potty that they will be able to easily master this as well.
It might satisfy a bit of the need to dig but Davinia and Indiana are 6 and 7 years old now and still like to dig into the dirt. We have an Australian Shepard, and we would be very happy if he would use one of these boards.
I hope it works for you and helps save money that can then be used for more fun things like a new toy once in a while or a special treat. The thing I would be worried about is my dog is a paw licker, like obsessively and how about her body ingesting the sand grit particles? What a great Idea, I’m going to make one for our Rat terrier, I sure hope it works for him, Saving the money we spend at the vets would be great since we live on a set income. As soon as he sits, put your flat hand (palm down) directly in front of his nose and slowly lower your hand to the floor or ground. If your dog has a hard time following your hand, you can put a small treat in your hand and have him follow the treat to the ground. To make it easy to reset your dog and get him ready to lie down again, toss the treat after you click so the dog has to get up to get the reinforcer. 6 Ways Dog Training is Like RunningThere are a whole lot of ways dog training is like running. Laurie’s group class was perfect for my distractible social butterfly pup (aptly named Zippy)! Our family used Laurie Luck and Smart Dog University for training both of our very active labs. Smart Dog U really helped me deal with my first puppy and help me grow her (Etta) into a sweet little girl. Laurie is someone Your Dog’s Friend depends on for good information on dog behavior and training presented in an engaging, understandable way.
Working in the veterinary field has shown me how important positive reinforcement training for dogs is.

While we were compensated for this post, all opinions and ideas are expressed are 100% our own. We’ve been using a dog stroller on long journeys to help keep Fe from over using that knee. They had stairs and their dogs never used them or worse, that their dog was afraid of them. I nearly chortled with glee when he would tentatively creep over and snatch the treat off the bottom step. Blog articles may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written consent of Jodi Chick. Always consult your vet before offering your pet a new food, as not all foods are suitable for all dogs. If You're Vet Student & Searching For Educational Stuff, if you're Researcher Looking For Articles & Journals, if you're a Veterinarian & You Want to Improve Your Skills, if you're a Pet Owner Looking For a Guide, then you have come to the right place! Sharing your home with a dog also teaches children a lot about responsibility which is always a very positive thing that sets them up brilliantly for later life. Sometimes silly accidents happen which could include a pooch knocking a child over which could end up scaring them more than anything which is something to be avoided at all costs.
If your pet doesn't move, you need to teach your child to give them lots of praise and a favourite healthy treat.
The best way to start out is to leave the treat in plain sight and do this a few times before hiding it away so that your dog has to work in order to find it! If your dog obeys the command when your children say it, they must be rewarded straight away but his has to be done calmly so your pet doesn't get too excited again which could result in them barking! Some dogs get overly stressed from seeing the clipper, sometimes a dog requires a helper to keep them still while you trim but there in no helper around, and sometimes you are just nervous to trim their nails in case you were to cut the quick because you don’t want to hurt them. A dog that doesn’t already display this behavior will need a few sessions before they really begin to trim their back nails.
Nothing horrible but people think it is hilarious when they see us walking and we stop to chat and the next thing they know one or the other one has a face full of dirt.
I used to work at a animal hospital- it is amazing how many dogs hate having their nails trimmed! I can’t do it by myself because they squirm and it scared me especially Indiana she hates having her dew claw touched.
I hate the thought of clipping my dog’s nails, so we shell out the $10 every so often to have Petsmart do it. What you’re working toward (quickly) is that the hand motion *alone* is the cue for the dog to get into the down position *AND THEN* the click happens and the treat appears.
Laurie is very knowledgable about dog training, very patient with owners and clearly loves her work. Laurie’s willingness to share her calm logic and vast knowledge and patience about how to raise a happy dog (and happy dog people) has created harmony we did not have before. When it came time to train my own dog, Quincy, Smart Dog University was my choice for training.
Until now, we’ve been limiting jumping, but Fe is part kangaroo (or thinks he is) and we’ve had the hardest time stopping him from jumping on and off the couch! I could just see them, in the middle of my lovely living room, all huge and ugly and plastic. That’s right, the brace folds down, so that you can tuck them out of sight when you have company. Whenever he would snatch up a treat, I would replace it with a new treat until Fe was reliably taking snacks off the bottom step. Wood pet stairs might be a tad more expensive than plastic ones, but they’re totally worth it, since you can recreate them to look exactly how you want.
If your post is not directly related to this discussion please consider making a new thread. Soon she was trying to use the strange ideas of quantum mechanics for the really important things in her life: chasing critters, getting treats, and going for walks.
Kids form very strong bonds with a family dog which can be reinforced even more by them teaching their four-legged best friend a few tricks. Kids need to be confident around dogs but our four-legged friends need to respect small people too! Every time, your pet comes when your child calls them, they need to be rewarded with a favourite healthy treat which your child should give them by holding it in the flat of their hands. If your pet starts to move, you have to get them to sit down again and then repeat the process explaining to your child why it's important to do this.

Again, you should only do this 4 or 5 times in any one day so that your child (or dog) doesn't get too bored with having to do the same thing over and over again. If your dog comes when your child calls them, they need to be given a reward and lots of praise.
If your dog gets it right, they need to be given lots of praise and given a favourite healthy treat.
The process should be repeated 4 to 5 times each time rewarding your dog before taking them out for a nice long walk! Place it on the floor or resting at an angle you can figure out which feels more comfortable for your dog to use. Next you will want to up the ante by only giving them a treat if they scrape their nail against the sand paper. Dew claws (like our thumbs) are higher up and don’t touch the ground naturally when dogs walk. I hope that this posts help a lot of pet owners save money and have a new activity to do with their pet that they don’t mind (unlike a trip in the car that winds up at the groomers). We are just now starting to train our rotweiler with the clicker so this is the perfect timing to try the nail trimming! If your dog is lying on the floor, he can’t also be lunging at another dog, jumping on you, or counter surfing. We wait to add the word until we know the dog is going to do the behavior and do it correctly.
Remember to click when your dog lies down and then get him the treat to reinforce his great behavior. If I were standing straight, and had to bend at the waist to get my hand to the floor, the dog will notice the largest movement — my bending at the waist. So if they run into resistance at the end of the leash, they’re also keen to push against it.
She is easily approachable and genuinely wants to make sure you and your dog are getting the most out of her classes. I was convinced that these were the stairs for me, I just had to make sure that Felix felt the same way. The hard part is that Wilhelm and Brychwyn prefer flying down off of the bed and the couch so limiting the access points became necessary… I often feel like a prisoner on my own furniture! She peppered Chad with questions: Could she use quantum tunneling to get through the neighbor?s fence and chase bunnies? Kids need to be taught that praising a dog is just as important as giving them a favourite food treat. You will notice that once they start scraping their nails they will only allow the nails to touch the paper so you don’t have to worry about their paw pads.
Not sure the age of your children but if they are old enough to help teach the dog how to do it could be a fun activity for the family to do from start to finish. In other words, it’s a great alternate behavior for your dog to do instead of all those pesky behaviors he does.
That will result in a much cleaner behavior and also a dog that learns to listen for the word.
Not only that but this method is like a game so your dog will be stimulated and you will no longer have the stress of having to cut their nails. Continue to up the ante making them use both paws and then multiple scrapes before  they are given a treat your dog has now started trimming their own nails (at least the front ones).
Probs, eh?) I knew we probably needed to get him a set of steps to making getting up and down easier (and quieter), but you guys, I really didn’t want to. It’s a bit of work, but with a little patience, you can teach your dog to climb the stairs instead of hurtling themselves on and off the couch.
My dog ??is very well behaved, and does not make those deviltries and I have taught him many tricks. Make sure you practice going down the stairs, not just up or you’ll end up with a dog like mine who climbs the stairs to get his treat and then jumps down.

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