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Wait For Potty Training Signs Or Push Child Into Toilet Training?I have always waited for my children to show signs that they were ready to start potty training before we started training them. If you have the entirely understandable attitude of not giving a flying fig about the continence or otherwise of my children, look away now. One of the exciting things I haven't had chance to blog about yet was last weekend's clinic with the one and only Christoph Hess! On Saturday, June 2nd, I will have a small training class at my office in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville.
As ICT professionals, we should always keep ourselves updated with the latest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) trends and technologies.
There really can be no denying it anymore.It’s a filthy little secret, and I so hope you’ll keep it hush hush, but Oh Lord please help me. While I cana€™t tell you exactlyA how to potty train your little one (there are soooo many approaches), I certainly can try to help you understand the telltale signs of when your kiddo is ready for potty training. Did you know that, developmentally speaking, the transition from diapers to big kid undies actually follows a fairly predictable progression? Many kids become mostly potty trained between 2-3 years of age, with boys typically achieving the feat later than girls. Kids will often do this by patting or pointing to their diaper in the presence of their caregiver. Many kids are able to be trained to poop in the toilet before they are actually a€?pottya€? trained, so this is an important one. Make sure the potty is situated so his feet are supported rather than dangling from the porcelain throne.
Kids don’t need to be able to fully undress their lower body with total independence in order to successfully potty train. If your little one is demonstrating aA fairly predictable pattern of wetness, it can make toilet training just that much easier.
If you nodded your head in agreement to most of the above-stated milestones, then your child may be ready for potty training! Have there been any transitions or changes in my child’s environment or life recently, whether big or small? Are there any medical issues we need to work out that may be impacting potty training success? With my second kiddo, potty training also turned out to be a reflection of his personality — fast and furious. Don’t stress out if your toddler isn’t potty trained yet and little Suzy or Johnny down the street is! In fact, a research study published in the journal of PediatricsA found that, just because you start toilet training earlier doesn’t necessarily mean it will be faster or easier. Keep in mind, too, that children with developmental, sensory, or communication difficulties may struggle with potty training more than their typically developing peers.
Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists can be hugely helpful during this challenging time and can assist with the development of the motor, communication, and cognitive skills necessary for your child to succeed.
Occupational therapy (OT) is a holistic profession that helps people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities, also known as a€?occupationsa€?. Please provide appropriate supervision to the child in your care when completing any activities from this site.
Angie, I’m so happy you find my site helpful, and I truly appreciate your kind words.
DisclaimerThe ideas presented on this blog are for informational purposes only and are not medical advice.
People often ask the question, “How do I know when my child is ready to potty train?” Of equal significance is the question, “How do I know when I am ready to potty train my child?” The short answer is that you’re ready when you have enough wine, Windex, and paper towels to get you through it. There are mothers and grandmothers throughout the world preaching with great expertise on readiness. In my mind, this is possibly the most important tip I can give you to help with potty training success! While I can assure you that potty training will have some frustrations for you and your child, by following these tips, you’re likely to have a smooth potty training journey that while not perfect, will be perfect for your child! Never in morning, mostly occur in evening or late night; sometimes even might wake kids up from sleep.
It occurs due to daily activities of child like running, jumping, climbing and playing around whole day. Growing Pain usually subsides by morning, so some parents might feel that child is faking pain. This entry was posted in child growth and development, General Health, Uncategorized and tagged best child doctor in ghaziabad, child specialist in ghaziabad, dr.
Thumb sucking is very common childhood habit which almost all the parents must have heard about as well as faced once in a while. Ignore it: In many cases, if you do not pay any attention to thumb sucking, child stops it (in cases where it is a behavior thing in which child do it to catch your attention). Positive reinforcement: Praise your child when he or she is not sucking thumb and give them small rewards to encourage their positive behavior (like extra bedtime stories, some stickers etc).
Resist the temptation of using aversion techniques like putting chili powder, vinegar or other bitter stuff on thumb. Thumb sucking is a childhood habits, which will go away sooner or later; so try not to worry.
Putting too much pressure on your child to stop thumb sucking might only delay the process. This entry was posted in child growth and development, Toddlers and tagged best child doctor in ghaziabad, childhood habits, dental malocculusion, dr. RTA ( road traffic accidents), fall from height, burns, poisoning, drowning are the main causes of death in children due to injuries. Children living in poor economical conditions are more likely to be living in unsafe environment. Enforcing laws for child safety like having child proof cabinet for storage of medicines and floor cleaners etc.
Structural modification in public places like proper railing for child safety in stairs, well fitted windows, fencing around pools, life guards etc. This entry was posted in child growth and development, General Health, Uncategorized and tagged best child care ghaziabad, best child doctor in ghaziabad, best pediatrician vasundhara, child safety, child specialist, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in vasundhara, dr. First action which suggests that your baby is ready to train is when baby start to tell you while doing susu or soon after that before you take notice.
Need to have thing with you which are needed like toilet seat (different types are there, choose which ever you are comfortable with), footstool near the seat so that baby can climb up, proper lighting in the area, something to hold on while sitting on toilet seat so that baby will feel safe and relaxed. Talk to your child, if you are comfortable you can let your baby go along with you and tell them all the steps you are doing like cleaning flushing etc. Learn the signal which baby gives before, keep your toilet ready (because your baby won’t be able to hold on for long), loose cloths which can be easily removed. Hygiene: Girls should be taught to wipe front towards back to avoid chances of getting the potty into vagina and Boys should be taught to shake penis after susu to get rid of any drops. If you are stressed out or getting angry seeing that your baby is not learning, it is best to leave it for few days and do not pressurize your child. Constipation can make things worse as doing potty becomes painful and child try to avoid passing stool and is afraid to sit on potty seat. If a child who has been dry, start to wet again then look for causes of stress or visit a doctor to rule out urinary infection.
Consult a doctor if even after age of 4 years child is wetting pants to rule out Urinary infection, bladder abnormalities like Vesico ureteral reflux and behavioral issues like BED-WETTING. Toilet training is not easy and child needs your support during this difficult phase to learn this new skill. This entry was posted in child growth and development, Toddlers and tagged best child care ghaziabad, best child doctor in ghaziabad, best pediatrician vasundhara, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in vaishali, child specialist in vasundhara, developmental milestones, dr. Smartphones and Tablets are not meant for babies; they interfere with optimum brain development.
Till now there is NO research done to know the connection between infant learning and smartphones.
After a certain age technology and screen time can be used judicially for better interactive teaching. Another excuse which most parents give is that there baby will never eat food if we take phones out of there life. This entry was posted in child growth and development, General Health, Uncategorized and tagged best child care ghaziabad, best child doctor in ghaziabad, best pediatrician vasundhara, brain development, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in indirapuram, child specialist in vasundhara, children and phone, dr. Hypothyroidism is condition in which thyroid gland does not produce thyroid hormone in sufficient quantity. Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH) is most common preventable cause of Mental retardation in children.
Newborn babies are also vulnerable; more so because there are no specific symptoms which can lead to early diagnosis. Good news for parents is that it can be diagnosed easily by testing (Newborn screening) and can be treated comfortable; so that child can live a normal life just like any other baby.
During 1st year of life babies are sleepy all the time, have poor appetite, cries very little and sluggish most of the time.

L-thyroxine tablets are small and can be crushed into food or dissolved into a small amount of formula, juice or other liquid. For Any queries related thyroid disease or you want to discuss any other health related issues feel free to contact MAYA CLINIC.
This entry was posted in child growth and development, genetic and metabolic disorders, newborn and tagged best child doctor in ghaziabad, Best Pediatrician in Indirapuram, best pediatrician vasundhara, child doctor vasundhara, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in indirapuram, child specialist in vasundhara, dr. If we do not follow proper sleep hygiene steps for children, it can increase the chances of Sleep disorders like sleep terror, insomnia, parasomnia etc. This entry was posted in behavior and adolescent problem, child growth and development and tagged baby sleep, best child doctor in ghaziabad, best pediatrician vasundhara, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in vasundhara, dr. Anemia is very commonly seen in young children who are mainly on milk based diet (As Milk is poor source of Iron). That is the very reason you will see all the infant formula feeds and cereals fortified with Iron these days. Special need in athletes and children involving extreme physical activities need even more iron. Infants and young children mainly on cow’s milk develop iron deficiency as cow’s milk is low in iron and it also makes child less hungry and less likelyhood of child eating iron rich foods. Cow’s milk also decreases absorption of Iron and can irritate lining of intestine causing minor intestinal bleeding and gradual loss of Iron in stool (pooty). Iron requirement is more than normal in certain conditions like preterm babies, menstruating adolescent girls, children involved in extreme physical activities. Limit the intake of milk: 500 to 700 ml a day after 1 year of life and focus on staple diet. Serve iron-rich foods alongside foods containing vitamin C — such as tomatoes, broccoli, oranges, and strawberries — which improves the body’s absorption of iron.
Avoid serving coffee or tea at mealtime — both contain tannins that reduce iron absorption. Once Iron is started in Iron deficient child; within 2 -3 days you will see significant improvement in diet. This entry was posted in child growth and development, child nutrition and tagged anemia in children, baby iron anemia, best child doctor in ghaziabad, Best Pediatrician in Indirapuram, best pediatrician vasundhara, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in indirapuram, child specialist in vasundhara, dr. It might leave a scar depending upon size, location and whether it has got infected or ulcerated. Surgical removal: Only in some cases and mostly due to cosmetic reasons or in certain cases if it is interfering with organ function like vision. This entry was posted in child growth and development, newborn, Skin Disorder and tagged best child doctor in ghaziabad, Best Pediatrician in Indirapuram, best pediatrician vasundhara, birth mark, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in vasundhara, dr. It’s a very challenging situation for the caregiver, and needs to be handled with patience rather than panic.
Episodes typically start after excessive crying.  Children usually outgrow this disease by the time they start going to school. These episodes are not harmful but proper check up and investigations might be needed to rule out underlying medical condition. Consult your child specialist to determine triggers of spell and to know how to prevent future spells and how to deal with it if it happens again. With experience, courage and guidance from your child specialist you should be able to provide a safe and structured environment to your child. In some cases when episodes are very frequent, some medications (like Piracetam) might be needed. This entry was posted in acutely ill child, behavior and adolescent problem, child growth and development and tagged best child doctor in ghaziabad, Best Pediatrician in Indirapuram, best pediatrician vasundhara, child specialist in ghaziabad, child specialist in indirapuram, child specialist in vaishali, child specialist in vasundhara, cyanotic baby, cynotic child, dr. Recent Commentsrahulvarma on How long will this diarrhea (or loose motions) last in my child?sarjeet on How long will this diarrhea (or loose motions) last in my child?rahulvarma on Can my child have thyroid related problem at birth? However, ita€™s not about starting at a specific age, ita€™s about starting when your child is physically ANDA emotionally ready. Kids with low sensory awareness may lag on this one because they are less likely to feel the extra junk in their diaper. Yours may even use words or signs to communicate if they are old enough and know the appropriate words to use.
This is especially important for children who have low postural muscle tone (such as those with Down Syndrome, Autism, or a generally weak core) or postural instability. She demonstrates a pattern of being able to stay dry for about two hours or more at a time. And then when all he or she wants to do is point at you and ask all about what you’re doing…Just leave me alone!A am I right? So when kids are able to understand and follow those prompts, it allows them to participate more and be a powerful partner in the potty training process, rather than having the adult physically prompt and complete every single part for them. Many kids Ia€™ve worked with will often hide in a corner or turn away from others when they feel the need to poop (just before they start grunting and working hard, if you know what I mean!).
Try your best to choose a potty training time frame that is relatively stable and calm (do those even exist in the parenting world???).
Independent toileting, which includes being able to tear the toilet paper, flush, wash hands, and manage potty-related clothing on theirA own. Your child’s pediatricianA may have some recommendations for you, especially if the issue is related to constipation and the need for a supplement to a€?get things movinga€?, so to speak.
He has a slow-to-warm, resistant-to-change sort of personality and, looking back, his potty training story fits his personality perfectly. And if your kiddo is working with Behavioral Therapists they, too, can also be a highly effective part of the potty training team. My OT and PT colleagues have written about all sorts of topics to support you and your child in your potty training adventures!
Then subscribe to Mama OT by clicking "Subscribe!" on the homepage so you can receive new posts via email. My daughter actually trained later than I thought she would and there was a lot of drama involved.
Before I potty trained my oldest, I never realized that EMOTIONAL readiness could be such a big factor in potty training success.
Thank you for taking the time to comment, and best of luck with potty training your kiddos if you haven’t already!
A blog can never replace an individualized treatment plan developed as the result of in-person assessment, clinical observation, and collaboration between therapist, caregiver, and (if applicable) child. Don’t break the bank or anything, but get a new pack of undies, a new potty seat, and lots of rewards that she will want to work towards.
Some like stickers, others goldfish or M&M’s, and for the easy-to-please, sometimes you just need to cheer a lot each time they make it. Your child is smart–she will learn quickly how badly you want her to use the potty and you can end up swimming in debt with a sugar-crazed kid before it’s all over.
For one of my children, the ding itself telling her she could get up was enough of a reward and no treats were even necessary. Were probably typing with our toes because we’re nursing babies, wrestling a wild toddler, and having a cup of coffee. Kids might wake up in middle of night with pain and will be relieved by massaging and comforting. Most important factor is that child responds to touch when in pain i.e children loves gentle massage. Once permanent teeth start coming it can damage the roof of mouth and teeth might be not aligned properly.
Preventive measures which can help are smoke alarms, temperature regulators, using fire crackers under supervision of adults.
But many small children can drown head down in buckets or bathtub.So to prevent these deaths, we need to store water only in closed container and keep tub empty.
They might be living close to road with high traffic, poor and unstable construction, illegal electricity connection etc. With proper awareness, environmental modifications and good emergency care, it can be achieved.
Most problems arise when we start too early or we want our baby to be trained before certain major event in our life. Whether you are at mall, driving in car, waiting somewhere , smartphones have become like babysitter for many parents.
For older children with use of interactive elements it may help in learning concepts such as sequencing and cause and effect relations. Most of the learning involve 3 dimensional Sensory- motor experiences which cannot be replicated on a 2 dimensional screen.
Older children can do lot more and screen time can help them in understanding concept better along with reading from textbook. Just to remind them that before invention of smart phone kids used to eat well.  And Honestly speaking we have started spending more time on social networking like facebook and whats app which have lead to more exposure in children.
And if this condition is present right from birth, it is called Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH).
Because of this reason most of the private hospitals are now doing cord blood testing (Newborn Screening) to rule out thyroid related illnesses. Young kids and children always are interested in playful activities and making them sleep on time might be difficult for many parents.

It will help adjust their body clock and they will be better prepared mentally and prevent development of sleep disorders.
Change in schedule is very common over weekends as children are allowed late nights by many parents. An hour prior to sleep should be winding up time and preparing to sleep in quiet and comfortable environment.
Regular physical exercise is not only important for growth and development of child but also for to induce proper sleep. Bedroom should be meant for sleeping only and all the other playful activities should be done in other room.
Breast milk has small quantity of Iron but it is readily absorbed in body; so for first 6 months of life Iron deficiency is not prominent.
As Iron is needed to make Hemoglobin; which is oxygen carrying component of red blood cells (RBCs).
It can be given by using infant formula feeds or cereals fortified with Iron or using Iron supplement drops. Excess of Iron is also bad , so it should be taken in appropriate doses only after consulting your child doctor. However currently, the FDA has not approved the use of any medication for the treatment of infantile hemangiomas. One thing which parents need to understand is that breath-holding spells are an involuntary reflex.
Few cases have been reported in newborns also, but in such small babies, other factors need to be ruled out. In very rare cases seizures might occur, but these are benign and do not cause any long term harm. And how to actually go about teaching a tiny, impulsive human to direct their inner recycled goods into a tiny throne several times a day? What I mean is, avoidA beginning the potty training process just before or during a big transition such as a move, right before or after the addition or return of a family member, etc.
Right after his second birthday, we followed the same 3-day type approach we took with older brother and by the second day he was good to go! While I wouldna€™t recommend seeking out Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, or Behavioral Therapy for the sole purpose of potty training (we doA not necessarily specialize in potty training!), I do think it is appropriate for these disciplines to address potty issues through goals that can be applied to situations related to potty training (such as following commands or routines, initiating communication with an adult, requesting help, managing clothing and fasteners, improving balance or postural instability, etc.). Relationship Between Age at Initiation of Toilet Training and Duration of Training: A prospective study. And be sure to keep up with all of Mama OT's tips and info shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!
But I am glad I waited until she showed the signs, otherwise it would have been an uphill battle with many more tears than there were. Note that “new” doesn’t have to mean “new with tags,” just something she hasn’t seen before. Despite the time out you’re trying to take to tackle this task, life unfortunately does not let up. For the more restless child you can try story time, songs with hand motions, or even move a mini-potty in front of the TV. Regardless of how many puddles you clean up in a day, your child will eventually learn to make it every time–just like you and I did!
This includes pull-ups, big kid underwear and any types of treats you may use in the training process. Switching back and forth from training pants and underwear to diapers will only prolong the potty training process. In other serious illnesses children do not like your touch, they do not like to be handled or moved as movement can make pain worse.
Your constant support and reassurance will help child outgrow these growing pains of Childhood. It is a way to cope up with stress or anxiety and they feel safe and relaxed while sucking thumb. Many of these deaths can be avoided by using well fitted window panels, child proofing doors and windows and play areas.
Accidental poisoning can be prevented by child proofing cabinets, keeping toilet cleaner out of reach of children, keeping kerosene oil safely and all the medicines away from children.
Clear words and constantly same words to be used by everyone at home will make it easier for baby.
Parents feel excited to see their small babies handling touch screen phones so efficiently. But for small babies who are still in very young age of brain development, it’s long term effect is not known. Various surveys and studies show that on an average 12-month-old baby is exposed to up to 2 hours of screen time a day. In real life if we roll a ball across floor it proceeds in a single motions and gradually slows and stops finally.
Best time to sit back and discuss with your children regarding day’s activity or best is story telling time. But after 6 months of life when top milk is started, it leads to Anemia if proper Iron supplementation or appropriate weaning food is not given. They increase in size for few months, remain stable for next few months and subside by few years. The episodes usually last less than a minute (though it may seem like ages to the anxious parent), and after that the child regains consciousness and starts breathing normally. However, some children with sensory or developmental issues lack the internal physical awareness that sends the signal from the bladder to the brain that the bladder is full and needs to be emptied. This will help you and your kiddo maintain as much consistency and follow-through as possible. We did all the things you’re supposed to do to help a kid be excited about potty training and gave it a go during Thanksgiving break (around 27 months), taking a 3-dayA sort of approach.
Because of occupational therapy, people of all ages are able to say, "I can!" no matter what their struggle. Self-Care Skills and tagged diapers, potty training, toddlers, toilet training by christiekiley. The initial excitement your child has is key to her success so be prepared to carve out some time.
It’s easy to get distracted by work, phone calls, basic household chores, or other children, so set your timer for 30 minutes the first couple of days and encourage them to sit for a minute every time it dings. Encourage your child in a soothing voice, letting them know that accidents are okay and that tomorrow’s potty training might be more successful. In developing countries like ours where we lose so many children to infectious diseases; it adds to the mortality burden of country. If we try to put pressure on child it will only worsen the case and increase your frustration levels.
Touch screen smartphones with their great picture quality, colorful images and good sounds appeals to babies. Main reason being association of Language learning delays, poor reading skills and short term memory are seen more often in children with more screen time. They are seen more commonly in preterm babies and girls and with multiple pregnancy eg twins, or triplets. This interest in watching you do your business translates into MOTIVATION, which is a huuuuuuuge part (if not the BIGGEST part) of potty training.
This lack of internal communication makes these kiddos very accident prone in the potty domain; they may need a more regimented potty schedule as opposed to relying on them knowing and communicating when they need to go. She has experience working as a pediatric OT in early intervention (birth to 3), clinic-based, and school-based settings. And few accidents regarding Susu (Urine) and potty (Stool) once in a while should be dealt with patiently. Small babies may stare at bright colors and motions on screen but their brain is not capable of making sense or meaning out of these amazing pictures. Compassionate and encouraging attitude towards toddlers will help us better, than showing frustration and anger.
Christie loves that she gets to PLAYA when she goes to work, is hopelessly addicted to Kettle Corn, and is known for being able to turn virtually anything into a therapeutic tool or activity, from empty food containersA to laundryA and everything in between. Though he wanted to learn to use the toilet, it became apparentA he just wasn’t quite emotionally ready.
When he was fully trained, we had him go to the bathroom before announcing errands, and he never thought to ask to go to the bathroom in public places. A few months later, after his third birthday (around 37 months), it was obvious that he was finally truly ready. By the end of the second day of potty training (the “potty party” as we called it) he was done with awake-time diapers and that was the end of that!

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