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Gotta potty - dog puppy potty training system **, The gotta potty system is a complete digital dog and puppy potty training solution. Potty train puppy - dog potty training dog, Potty training puppies indoors enjoy full happy life dog rush home pet dog walks bad weather . How potty train small dog ehow, Potty train small dog consistent routine, indoor training options suitable small breed pup.. Wild rabbits use latrine areas for toileting, so when we 'litter train' a rabbit we are simply taking advantage of this natural behaviour. Although rabbits have latrine areas for toileting, they also mark their territory by spreading droppings and urine around their home. The onset of sexual maturity is the trigger for a rabbit to begin marking his or her territory.
Male rabbits can be neutered as soon as their testicles drop, which is usually between 12-18 weeks and females from around six months old.
Rabbits love to dig, and a whole tray full of soil like litter can seem like the perfect spot to your rabbit. Sometimes rabbits have the general idea of where to go, but aren't always getting into the tray. Placing any scattered droppings into the tray and soaking up urine with a tissue and placing it in the litter tray can also help teach your rabbit where to go, as again you are creating the correct scent. One final tip: pick a tray that is large enough for your rabbit to turn easily and has space for a handful of hay to one side - rabbits love to munch and poop and having hay in the tray encourages its use. If your rabbit isn't neutered it's likely that they are deliberately scattering droppings outside the tray to mark their territory - this usually improves after neutering.
Neutered rabbits living together will generally share a tray but if you have problems provide two trays (or more). If you have multiple rabbits but they don't live together, you may find that your rabbit marks even when neutered, particularly along the boundaries between enclosures.
There are some spots that seem extra tempting for rabbits to mark, and some rabbits will continue to mark these even if they are neutered and otherwise perfectly litter trained.
As I already mentioned, it's common for a rabbit to lose their litter training when they reach sexual maturity, if they are not neutered. New territory - rabbits increase marking when their territory is changes, for example when they go to a new home, they get a new cage or you redecorate. New member of the household - introducing a new rabbit or other pet into the household may also trigger an increase in marking. A health problem - some health problems such as a bladder infection, kidney stones, and pain or mobility problems that affect your rabbit's ability to access his tray can cause your rabbit to lose their litter training.
Other Changes - many other changes can influence your rabbits marking for example using a new cleaning product can confuse his sense of smell and encourage extra marking. In conclusion, neutering is an important part of litter training, if your rabbit isn't neutered you are unlikely to achieve perfect results.
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If your rabbit has bad litter box habits, like Rosie and Jim, read on to find out what might be causing the problem and how to resolve it. Most pet rabbits pick a corner in an area near where they spend most of their time for their latrine, and, to litter train, you simply put a suitable tray in this location (advice on chosing a tray and litter). These smelly messages warn other rabbits that the area belongs to them, and helps to make their territory smell like them so they feel more at home. If you've had your rabbit from a young age, this often means your perfectly litter-trained baby rabbit will suddenly start leaving poop and urine all over the place. Once your rabbit is neutered they no longer have such a strong urge to mark their territory so droppings and urine are generally confined to the latrine area.
If the tray is quite shallow then, by the time you've added litter, this may mean your rabbit is sitting on the edge of the tray when he shuffles back and completely misses. Many new owners make the mistake of cleaning too thoroughly, removing all traces of odour that indicate to their rabbit that's the spot to use.
Cleaning up accidents outside the tray with white vinegar, which is an odour neutraliser, will help make sure only the tray smells like the place to go.
If your rabbit is still scattering droppings after being neutered it may be that they've just got into the habit and need a little retraining. If it's a recent match, you may find they will be more amenable to sharing once they've had more time to settle in together. This is because there is a rival and they feel the need to make it very clear where their territory is. The most common areas are beds and sofas - these are areas that humans spend a lot of time resting on which means, to a rabbit, they contain a lot of scent. It may help to temporarily place an extra litter tray in the area that your rabbit is toileting on - even if this is not a place you'd usually leave a tray such as the seat of your sofa. Training a rabbit not to jump on a sofa he is used to accessing is very difficult, so a physical barrier may be necessary. Usually this marking behaviour will generally settle down over the next few weeks as they adjust to the change. If your rabbit starts marking, try to think of any changes you have made to your rabbit or household routine. UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty will not only keep your dog’s paws dry, but will keep your house dry, just the way you and your puppy prefer it.

Spotty Training Place is the revolutionary in-home training system for indoor dogs and puppies. Well just because the pad is wearing out doesn’t mean you need to throw it away, you just need the Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Potty Replacement Mat.
Lightweight, economical potty with synthetic turf is an ideal training tool, and it protects floors and saves on training pads. The turf lets urine pass through to the easy-drain plastic tray; solids stay on top for easy disposal. Human noses lack the level of sensitive scent receptors needed to interpret exactly what these messages say, but, in simple terms, they mean, "this is mine". The first step for anyone trying to litter train a rabbit should be neutering - most rabbits will only be 100% house trained after neutering. With an experienced rabbit vet, neutering is a routine operation and rescue centres carried out thousands of neuters on rabbits every year. You could also try providing an alternative digging area for your rabbit to swap his digging activities too. Again, a high-sided tray is helpful, as it makes a clearer designation between in the tray and outside the tray.
To help your rabbit learn, avoid strongly smelling cleaners and return a small portion of dirty litter to the tray after cleaning, to help retain the correct scent.
You may find it helps to put a spare tray along the boundary as this maybe enough to satisfy their desire to spread their scent. If you can retrain your rabbit to use a tray placed on your sofa, rather than the sofa, you can then gradually move the tray to a more appropriate spot. If that's not practical, placing something over the area to protect it such as a puppy pad or plastic cover may protect your furniture even if it does not cure the problem. As well as writing a blog and book about rabbits, I run a site that promotes UK rabbit rescues (which incidentally is how I ended up with Scamp).
UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty provides all of the benefits of a dog litter box without any of the mess. The Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Potty Replacement mat is designed to fit your Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Potty like a glove. Males spray females during courtship, and sometimes rabbits will express their love for a human companion with a jet of urine - who needs flowers and chocolate! It may take a few weeks post-op for your rabbit's litter habits to improve, as it takes time for the hormone levels, which drive territorial behaviour like marking, to decrease. Likewise, don't use the same litter in the tray as in other areas, otherwise there is little distinction between the two and, to your rabbit, it may seem like the whole cage is a litter box. If the other pet is not a new companion, your rabbit may continue to mark more, particularly along boundaries.
Please keep in mind this is a great house training tool that will require some effort from the owner. Specially scented to help attract and encourage your pet to use the Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Potty when needed. If there are certain areas your rabbit favours - put a tray there, even if it happens to be the middle of the room. The Clean Go Pet Indoor Dog Potty Replacement Mat can be used as a replacement but is also perfect for a backup when cleaning. Once your rabbit is using the trays, you can gradually decrease the number and move them to locations that are more practical.

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