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Whether your kids love trains or they just love crafts, they will have a lot of fun creating this toilet paper roll train craft.
This was a weird one, but also a genius idea that Kevin Harrington ended up investing in during Season 2 finale.
I wonder if your children will have fun making their cardboard train choo-choo all around the house like mine did.

CitiKitty, has a series of trays filled with cat litter that are inserted underneath the toilet seat. If you love to up-cycle for crafts, check out these other 25 incredible toilet paper roll crafts.
Also cut a C-shape out of the skinny cardboard tube and paint it the same color as the engine.

Give these ones a try: 13 Clever Transportation Activities, DIY Car Mat, Paper Plane Landing Strip, 13 Fun Toy Car Activities, or this Paper Plate Magnet Track.

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