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Dear John, My rottweiler is about 5 years old and has just started biting out of the clear blue.
Send me an email, I'm sure I can help whether you're having some basic obedience issues or some behaviour problems. Copyright © 1988–2016 Ask the Dog Guy & Puppy and Companion Dog Training with John Wade. Track inspector for CSX railroad Gary McLean found this puppy frozen to the tracks in last weekend's cold snap. Last Saturday, Gary McLean, a track inspector for CSX Railroad, found and rescued a tiny shivering puppy who'd become fro zen to the train tracks.

If the train had come, the dog would never have been able to set himself free, McLean said.
Sorting through the of fers, the McLeans decided to give the dog to Terry Walls of Bessemer. Shara (Florida) Hi Shara, If you mean when unsupervised, they behave like a child would if you left them alone in the mall alone unsupervised. When he tried to jump the 7-inch-tall rail, he got stuck and his icy fur froze to the track. I've tried to get him to go out doors, but as soon as I let him in he runs to the pad or where ever the pad was and goes to the washroom there.
Now he is about 10 lbs heavier, in great shape, hair grew back and his slits make him unique.

McClean, a resi dent of the Trussville-Argo area, was riding in a rail mounted truck near Caro lina Avenue looking for any obstacles in advance of a train that would be headed down that track about an hour later.
McLean is accustomed to encountering dead dogs along the tracks, but as he got closer, he saw the little ball of fur moving.
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